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Birzer / Roberson

Test Bank for Introduction to Criminal Investigation

Taylor & Francis

The manner in which criminal investigators are trained is neither uniform nor consistent, ranging from sophisticated training protocols in some departments to on-the-job experience alongside senior investigators in others. Ideal for students taking a first course in the subject as well as professionals in need of a refresher, Introduction to Criminal Investigation uses an accessible format to convey concepts in practical, concrete terms.

Topics discussed include

- The history of criminal investigation in Western society

- Qualifications for becoming an investigator, the selection process, and ideal training requirements

- Crime scene search techniques, including planning and post-search debriefing

- Preparing effective field notes and investigative reports

- Interviewing and interrogating

- Types of evidence found at the crime scene and how to collect, package, and preserve it

- The contributions of forensic science to criminal investigations and the equipment used in crime labs

- Investigative protocol for a range of crimes, including property crimes, auto theft, arson, financial crimes, homicide, assault, sex crimes, and robbery

- Specialized investigations, including drug trafficking, cybercrime, and gang-related crime

- Legal issues involved in criminal investigations and preparing a case for trial

Bringing together contributions from law enforcement personnel, academics, and attorneys, the book combines practical and theoretical elements to provide a comprehensive examination of today’s criminal investigative process. The accessible manner in which the information is conveyed makes this an ideal text for a wide-ranging audience.
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Weitere Infos & Material

A Brief History of Criminal Investigation; John A. Eterno
Introducing Criminal Investigation; Bryan Courtney
Preliminary Considerations
Crime Scene Search; Michael L. Birzer
Report Writing; Gene L. Scaramella
Interview and Interrogation; Scott M. Mire and Robert D. Hanser
Evidence; Cory Rodivich
The Role of Forensic Science; Cory Rodivich
Property Crimes and Financial Investigations
Vandalism; Matthew O’Deane
Larceny and Burglary; Walt J. Wywadis
Auto Theft; Donald Munday
Arson Investigations; Cliff Roberson
Financial Investigation; Michael J. Palmiotto
Crimes against Persons
Homicide and Assault; Gregg W. Etter and Roger L. Pennel
Sex Crimes; John Padgett
Robbery; J. Harrison Watts
Specialized Investigations
Narcotics Investigation; Donald F. Vess
Cybercrime; Mark R. McCoy
Gang Investigation; Gregg W. Etter
Putting It All Together
Legal Issues in Criminal Investigations; Frank DiMarino
Preparing the Case for Court; Cliff Roberson and Gwynne Birzer

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