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Blackmore / Barnes Pollen and Spores: Patterns of Diversification

Neuausgabe 1992, Band: 44, 402 Seiten, Gebunden, Format (B × H): 159 mm x 239 mm, Gewicht: 788 g Reihe: Systematics Association Special Volumes
ISBN: 978-0-19-857746-1

Blackmore / Barnes Pollen and Spores: Patterns of Diversification

Pollen and spores are ubiquitous, and preserve exceptionally well. This, with their great structural diversity, offers exceptional opportunities for integrating findings from studies of both recent and fossil material, and for developing new insights into pathways and processes of diversification. This volume brings together novel approaches from such diverse fields as palaeobotany, ontogeny, molecular biology, and systematics. Three main issues are discussed: the evidence provided by the fossil record, the contribution of ontogenetic data, and methods of systematic analysis. The information provided will be of great interest and relevance to such disparate disciplines as vegetational history, geology, plant taxonomy, and plant evolution.

Weitere Infos & Material

S. Blackmore & S.H. Barnes: Palynological diversity; R.C. Brown & B.E. Lemmon: Sporogenesis in simple land plants; U. Fanning, J.B. Richardson & D. Edwards: A review of in situ spores in Silurian land plants; J. Gray: Tetrahedralites, Nodospora, and the 'cross' tetrad: an accretion of myth; G.A. van Uffelen: The control of spore wall formation; J.H.A. van Konijnenburg van Cittert: Diversification of spores in fossil and extant Schizaeaceae;
M.E. Collinson: Diversification of modern heterosporous pteridophytes; W.G. Chaloner & A.R. Hemsley: Heterospory: cul-de-sac or pathway to the seed?; J.A. Doyle & C. L. Hotton: Diversification of early angiosperm pollen in a cladistic context; E-M. Friis, P.R Crane & K. Rraunsgaard Pedersen: Stamen diversity and in situ pollen of Cretaceous
angiosperms; M.M. Harley, M.H. Kurmann & I.K. Ferguson: Systematic implications of comparative morphology in selected Tertiary and extant pollen from the Palmae and Sapotaceae; M.S. Zavada: Determining character polarities in pollen; N.I. Gabarayeve: Patterns of development in gymosperm and angiosperm pollen; R. Scotland: A systematic analysis of pollen morphology of Acanthaceae genera with contorted corollas; E.L. Vezey, J.J. Skvarla & S.S. Vanderpool: Characterizing pollen
sculpture of three closely related Cappareceae species using quantitive image analysis of scanning electron micrographs; E. Pacini & G.G. Franchi: Diversification and evolution of the tepetum; G. El-Ghazaly & S. Nilsson: Development of tapetum and orbicules of Catharanthus roseus (Apocynaceae); J. Heslop-Harrison &
Y. Heslop-Harrison: Structural and functional variation in pollen intines; R.B. Knox & S.C. Ducker: The evolution of gametes - from motility to double fertilization; P.A. Knox, S. Cromer & T. Jarvis: Underwater pollination, three-dimensional search, and pollen morphology: predictions from a supercomputer analysis.

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