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Blanpain Labour Markets, Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management

From Recession to Recovery

1. Auflage 2012, Band: 80, 272 Seiten, Kartoniert Reihe: Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations Series
ISBN: 978-90-411-4004-3
Verlag: Wolters Kluwer

Blanpain Labour Markets, Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management

Social models are always contested and ambiguous. This is particularly evident in the field of human resources management, where decisions that ultimately affect the patterns of social relations are made every day. This collection of in-depth essays focuses on some central human resources elements – gender, youth, ageing, educational background, training, workers’ rights – providing an up-to-date summary and analysis of how employers are dealing – and should be dealing – with workforce characteristics under current globalized forces. The emphasis is on Europe, but valuable insights come also from Chile, Canada, and the United States. Sixteen experts discuss such important issues as the following: the shift from intervention in favour of workers’ rights towards corporate neo-liberal policies; importance of transnational framework agreements in countries where a trade union; tradition is lacking; evidence that provision of childcare promotes female labour market participation; short-time working, labour hoarding, and labour underutilization; enhancing training policies for employable skills; enforcement of corporate social responsibility; alarmingly high rates of precarious employment; worldwide decline of full-time permanent positions; pension system reform; over-exposure of young people to non-standard employment; discouraged workers; regional imbalances in employment policy; and weaknesses of education programmes in connection with the world of work. Industrial relations and human resources professionals as well as employment lawyers worldwide will welcome this incisive analysis, and academics everywhere are sure to benefit from its evidence, insights, and proposals. The book presents a selection of papers from the international conference in commemoration of Marco Biagi entitled Europe 2020: Comparative Perspectives and Transnational Action, held at the Marco Biagi Foundation in Modena, Italy. 17–19 March 2011.


Weitere Infos & Material

Notes on Contributors. Editorial. Part I European Employment Policies and Human Resource Strategies. Chapter 1 Gender Equality and the Evolution of the Europe 2020 Strategy Mark Smith and Paola Villa. Chapter 2 Socially Inclusive or Exclusive? An Analysis of European Social Policy, Legislation and European Case Law Tony Royle. Chapter 3 New Modes of Governance in Industrial Relations Kees J. Vos. Chapter 4 Human Capital in Italy after the Lisbon Strategy: Comparative Overview Liana Verzicco. Part II The Transformation of Labour: Growth, Sustainability and Inclusion in the New Economic Scenario. Chapter 5 Female Participation in the Labour Market in Europe Francesca Bergamante. Chapter 6 Facing the Long Wave: the Recession and the Italian Labour Market Riccardo Gatto and Leonello Tronti. Chapter 7 Production, Development and Cultural Change at Fiat Elena Dinubila. Part III Collective Action at Transnational Level. Chapter 8 Corporate Codes, IFAs and Multinational Corporate Social Responsibility 10 Years after the UN Global Compact Karen L. Jones. Chapter 9 Prospects for Industrial Relations: Overriding Mandatory Provisions in the Transnational Labour Market Alberto Mattei. Chapter 10 Employment Security in Collective Agreements Nuna Zekic. Part IV National Experiences of Regulation of Employment Policy and Human Resource Management. Chapter 11 Labour Relations in Spain following the Labour Market Reform Francisco José Barba Ramos. Chapter 12 Precarious Work in Canada and the UK: Union and Community Voice Judy Haiven. Chapter 13 Universalism and Individualism in Chilean Pension Law: Implications for Central and Eastern Europe Pablo Arellano Ortiz. Chapter 14 The Integration of Young People into the Italian Labour Market Raffaella Cascioli.

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