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Collins The Agrarian History of England and Wales 2 Volume Hardback Set: Volume 7, 1850-1914

Erscheinungsjahr 2001, Band: 7, 2336 Seiten, Gebunden, Format (B × H): 178 mm x 251 mm, Gewicht: 3379 g Reihe: Agrarian History of England and Wales
ISBN: 978-0-521-66214-7

Collins The Agrarian History of England and Wales 2 Volume Hardback Set: Volume 7, 1850-1914

The period between the repeal of the Corn Laws and the Great War is crucial for an understanding of present-day rural and agricultural issues. The unifying theme of this volume is the changing role of the countryside in national life, and the impact upon it of the social and economic forces unleashed by industrialisation and the growth of towns. The book is organised into seven parts. It begins with a critical review of the course of agricultural change. The elements of the pattern are then considered separately: farming regions, systems, techniques, and institutions; then the three principal socio-economic classes - landowners, farmers, and labourers. Part IV explores the broad industrial framework and Part V the social dimension. The volume continues with an assessment of the urban impact on the countryside and survey of the main ecological regions, and concludes with a statistical review of rural performance.


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Introduction E. J. T. Collins; Part I. Agriculture in the Industrial State: 1. Food supplies and food policy E. J. T. Collins; 2. Rural and agricultural change E. J. T. Collins; 3. Agricultural output, income and productivity M. E. Turner; 4. Rural and agricultural politics John R. Fisher; Part II. Agriculture: 5. Farming regions edited by Paul Brassley and G. E. Mingay; 5A. Introduction B. A. Holderness; 5B. The south and the south-east B. A. Holderness and G. E. Mingay; 5C. East Anglia and the fenlands B. A. Holderness; 5D. The midlands John R. Walton; 5E. The northern region Christine Hallas; 5F. The south-west Sarah Wilmot; 5G. Wales R. J. Moore-Colyer; 6. Farming systems edited by Paul Brassley; 6A. Introduction Paul Brassley; 6B. Arable systems Paul Brassley; 6C. Pastoral farming systems Paul Brassley; 6D. Dairying B. A. Holderness; 6E. Specialised cropping systems B. A. Holderness; 6F. Intensive livestock keeping B. A. Holderness; 7. Farming techniques edited by Paul Brassley; 7A. Introduction Paul Brassley; 7B. Farm buildings R. D. Brigden; 7C. Equipment and motive power R. D. Brigden; 7D. Land drainage Paul Brassley; 7E. Crop varieties Paul Brassley; 7F. Plant nutrition Paul Brassley; 7G. Weed and pest control Paul Brassley; 7H. Livestock breeds Paul Brassley; 7I. Animal nutrition Paul Brassley; 7J. Animal health and veterinary medicine Paul Brassley; 8. Agricultural science and education Paul Brassley; 9. Agricultural institutions Nicholas Goddard; Part III. Land, Labour, Capital, Taxation: 10. Agricultural ownership and estate management J. V. Beckett; 11. The farmer G. E. Mingay; 12. Farm labour Peter Dewey; 13. Investment, accumulation and agricultural credit B. A. Holderness; 14. Taxation G. E. Mingay; Part IV. Trade, Commerce and Industry edited by John Chartres and Richard Perren; 15. The marketing of agricultural products Richard Perren; 16. Agricultural servicing trades: Agricultural engineering David Grace; Agricultural chemical and fertiliser industries F. M. L. Thompson; Veterinary products Richard Perren; Animal feeding stuffs Richard Perren; 17. Food processing industries: Milling Richard Perren; Malting Jonathan Brown; Food manufacturing Richard Perren; 18. Rural industry and malting John Chartres; 19. The retail trades and agricultural services John Chartres; 20. Conclusion John Chartres and Richard Perren; Part V. Rural Society and Community edited by Alun Howkins: 21. Rural demography Brian Short; 22. Types of rural communities Alun Howkins; 23. Social, cultural and domestic life Alun Howkins; 24. The local state Anne Digby; 25. Overview Alun Howkins; Part VI. The Urban Impact on the Countryside Gordon Cherry and John Sheail: 26. Introduction; 27. Town and country: an overview; 28. The dynamics of change; 29. Expert guidance to the countryside; 30. Woodlands; 31. The lowlands; 32. The uplands; 33. Coasts and rivers; 34. Summary and reflections; Part VII. The Statistical Base of Agricultural Performance in England and Wales Bethanie Afton and Michael Turner: 35. Basic statistical data; 36. The size of agricultural holdings; 37. Agricultural output; 38. Rent and land values; 39. The agrarian population; 40. Agrarian occupations; 40. Wages; 42. Capital; 43. Prices; 44. The impact of foreign trade; 45. Conclusion E. J. T. Collins.

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