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Dionne / Laberge-Nadeau Automobile Insurance: Road Safety, New Drivers, Risks, Insurance Fraud and Regulation

Nachdruck d. Ausg. v. 1998, Band: 20, 351 Seiten, Gebunden, Book, Format (B × H): 165 mm x 242 mm, Gewicht: 1570 g Reihe: Huebner International Series on Risk, Insurance and Economic Security
ISBN: 978-0-7923-8394-9

Dionne / Laberge-Nadeau Automobile Insurance: Road Safety, New Drivers, Risks, Insurance Fraud and Regulation

Motor vehicle accidents are still a leading cause of death, even if the trend has somewhat declined over the past 20 years. Indeed, motor vehicle accidents are a significant cause of death in comparison with air and space transport accidents, homicides and even HIV infections, causes which are more often highlighted in the media. As shown in this book, motor vehicle accidents are particularly damaging to very young drivers.
The assessment of driving risks is a common concern for road transportation safety and the automobile insurance industry. In both cases, there is an awareness of the great losses resulting from the deaths, injuries and property damage caused by traffic accidents. Research is essential to counteract this public health threat, to assess the success or failure of countermeasures, and to solve the problems it generates in the insurance industry.
This book is for people concerned about road crashes (prevention and compensation) and about the insurance problems they pose - namely private and public institutional authorities, consultants, administrators, practitioners, and researchers interested in sharing the authors' experience in this domain. The book presents original contributions related to motor vehicle insurance and road safety. All papers have been evaluated by external referees. Four subjects are covered: 1) Automobile Insurance Pricing, Risks and Asymmetric Information; 2) Insurance Fraud; 3) Young Drivers: Licensing Policies, Evaluation and Risks; and 4) Road Insurance Regulation.



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Introduction; G. Dionne, C. Laberge-Nadeau. Section 1: Automobile Insurance Pricing, Risks, and Asymmetric Information. 1. Asymmetric Information in Automobile Insurance: An Overview; P.-A. Chiappori. 2. Evidence of Adverse Selection in Automobile Insurance Markets; G. Dionne, et al. 3. Allowance for Hidden Information by Heterogeneous Models and Applications to Insurance Rating; J. Pinquet. 4. Bayesian Analysis of Road Accidents: A General Framework for the Multinomial Case; D. Bolduc, S. Bonin. 5. Commercial Vehicle Insurance: Should Fleet Policies Differ From Single Vehicle Plans? C. Fluet. Section 2: Insurance Fraud. 6. Costly State Falsification or Verification? Theory and Evidence from Bodily Injury Liability Claims; K.J. Crocker, S. Tennyson. 7. The Frequency of Excess Claims for Automobile Personal Injuries; A.F. Abrahamse, S.J. Carroll. 8. When is the Proportion of Criminal Elements Irrelevant? A Study of Insurance Fraud When Insurers Cannot Commit; M. Boyer. 9. Insurance Fraud Estimation: More Evidence from the Quebec Automobile Insurance Industry; L. Caron, G. Dionne. Section 3: Guest Speakers. 10. The Société de l'Assurance Automobile du Québec - An Integrated Model of Action to Insure and Protect People from Risks Inherent in Use of the Road; J.-Y. Gagnon. 11. They Cheat, You Pay! R. Medza. Section 4: Young and New Drivers: Licencing Policies, Evaluation and Risks. 12. Graduated Licensing in Québec: The Search for Balance Between Mobility and Safety; C. Dussault, P.Letendre. 13. An Evaluation of the Effects on Crashes of the 1991 Legislative Reform on New Licensees in Quebec; U. Maag, et al. 14. Licensing Policies for Young Drivers in the United States; A.F. Williams. 15. Reducing the Risk of New Drivers through Legislation and Regulation; D. Mayhew. 16. Evaluation of the Accompanied Driver Training by Means of a Markov Chain; S. Lassarre, P.-A. Hoyau. 17. Risky Driving by Youth; A.J. McKnight. 18. Young People, Alcohol and Risks; J.-P. Assailly. Section 5: Road Insurance Regulation. 19. No Fault Automobile Insurance and Accident Severity: Lessons Still to be Learned; R.A. Devlin. 20. The Incentive Effects of No Fault Automobile Insurance; J.D. Cummins, M.A. Weiss. 21. Estimating the Effects of `No-Pay, No-Play' Auto Insurance Plans on the Costs of Auto Insurance: The Effects of Proposition 213; S.J. Carroll, A.F. Abrahamse. 22. Analysis of the Economic Impact of Medical and Optometric Driving Standards on Costs Incurred by Trucking Firms and on the Social Costs of Traffic Accidents; G. Dionne, et al.

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