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Grant / Wilson

Memoirs of an American Lady

With Sketches of Manners and Scenes in America, as They Existed Previous to the Revolution

Cambridge University Press

Originally published in 1808, this work had long been out of print before being revived in this 1876 edition, which is enhanced by a biography of the author by her godson. A poet, letter-writer and essayist, Anne Grant (1755-1838) lived in America between the ages of three and thirteen, after which her family returned to Scotland. Described by the author as a 'miscellany of description, observation and detail', the book paints a charming picture of New York life in the idyllic world of pre-revolutionary America. Grant blends memories of her childhood in Albany with biographical details of her friend Madame Schuyler, of whom she wrote 'whatever culture my mind received, I owe to her'. Greatly admired by Scott and Southey, the book provides sketches of New York life alongside anecdotes of the Indians. For more information on this author, see
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Preface; Memoir of Mrs. Grant; Inscription; Introduction; 1. Origin of the settlement of Albany; 2. The Five Nations - John and Philip Schuyler; 3. Colonel Schuyler and five Sachems visit England; 4. Colonel Schuyler and the Sachems; 5. State of religion among the settlers; 6. Description of Albany; 7. Gentle treatment of slaves among the Albanians; 8. Education and early habits of the Albanians; 9. First adventures of the Indian traders; 10. Marriages, amusements, rural excursions, etc.; 11. Winter amusements; 12. Lay-brothers; 13. Progress of knowledge; 14. Marriage of Miss Schuyler; 15. Philip Schuyler; 16. Account of the three brothers; 17. The house and rural economy of the Flats; 18. Description of Colonel Schuyler's barn; 19. Military preparations; 20. A refractory warrior; 21. Distinguishing characteristics of the New York colonists; 22. Adoption of children common in the province; 23. Colonel Schuyler's military partiality; 24. Progress of civilization in Europe; 25. Independence of the Indians how first diminished; 26. Attractions of the Indian mode of life; 27. Indians attached by conversion; 28. Christian Indians; 29. Madame's adopted children; 30. Death of young Philip Schuyler; 31. Hospitality; 32. Resources of Madame; 33. Followers of the army; 34. Arrival of a new regiment; 35. Plays acted; 36. Domine Frelinghuysen leaves his people; 37. Death of Colonel Philip Schuyler; 38. Mrs. Schuyler's arrangements and conduct after the Colonel's death; 39. Mohawk Indians; 40. General Abercrombie; 41. Defeat at Ticonderoga; 42. The family of Madame's sister; 43. Further success of the British arms; 44. Burning of the House at the Flats; 45. Continuation of the journey; 46. Benefit of select reading; 47. Gardening and agriculture; 48. Madame's family and society described; 49. Sir Jeffrey Amherst; 50. Pondiac; 51. Death of Captain Dalziel; 52. Madame's popularity; 53. Return of the 55th regiment to Europe; 54. Property at Clarendon; 55. Return to the Flats; 56. Melancholy presages; 57. Settlers of a new description; 58. Mode of conveying timber in rafts down the river; 59. The Swamp; 60. Mrs. Schuyler's view of the continental politics; 61. Description of the breaking up of the ice on Hudson's Bay; 62. Departure from Albany; 63. Prosperity of Albany; 64. Further reflections; 65. Sketch of the settlement of Pennsylvania; 66. Prospects brightening in America; Index.

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