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The Theory and Practice of Change Management (VitalSource ebook)

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A note on the book:

A core textbook for all modules in Change Management, John Hayes examines and applies all of the key theories on change to organisational settings. Diagnostic tools and immersive learning exercises enable students to identify change and experience various outcomes based on real-world scenarios. The unique experiential learning exercises allow students to reflect on their own experiences of change.

Hayes strikes a balance between theory and practice by examining the key theories on change and applying those theories to organisational settings to demonstrate how organisations can develop practical tools to help implement change.

Key Features
• Blend of theory and practice
• Breadth of coverage
• Experiential learning exercises - allow students to play the role of a consultant and diagnose a need for change
• Case studies
• Diagnostic tools to help students grasp the practical techniques
• Accessible - especially for those with no prior knowledge of change management theory
• A comprehensive companion website

NEW for the 3rd Edition
• 2 colour design
• 5 new chapters covering the latest developments
• New thinking assignments
• 12 new cases from a range of countries including Denmark, The Netherlands, India, China, USA, Germany and from a range of sectors (NGOs, not-for-profit, large and small companies, multi-national organisations, public and private sector)
• New chapter on sustainability addresses how to make change 'stick' and how to 'spread' good practice through the organisation
• Increased depth
• Improved signposting and cross-referencing helps link the material together making it easier for students to see how everything fits together
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Weitere Infos & Material

PART I: THE NATURE OF CHANGE.- Patterns of Change.- The Process of Change.- PART II: RECOGNIZING THE NEED FOR CHANGE AND STARTING THE CHANGE PROCESS.- Recognising the Need for Change.- Starting the Change Process.- PART III: DIAGNOSIS.- Open Systems Models and Alignment.- Other Diagnostic Models.- Gathering and Interpreting Information for Diagnosis.- PART IV: MANAGING THE PEOPLE ISSUES.- Power, Politics and Stakeholder Management.- The Role of Leadership in Change Management.- Communicating Change.- Motivating Others to Change.- Managing Personal Transitions.- Modes of Intervening.- PART V: PLANNING AND PREPARING FOR IMPLEMENTATION.- Shaping Implementation Strategies.- Developing a Change Plan.- Types of Intervention.- Selecting Interventions.- PART VI: IMPLEMENTING CHANGE.- Collective Learning in Organisations.- Action Research.- Appreciative Inquiry.- Training and Development.- High Performance Management.- Business Process Re-engineering.- Lean *NEW*.- Restructuring for Strategic Gain: Mergers& Acquisitions *NEW*.- Merging Groups:Combining People for Effective Performance*NEW*.-.- ART VII: REVIEWING CHANGE.- Reviewing Change.- PART VIII: SUSTAINING CHANGE.- Making Change Stick *NEW*.- Spreading Change *NEW*.- Pulling it all Together: Concluding Case.

Hayes, John
JOHN HAYES is Professor of Management at Leeds University Business School, UK. He also teaches at Copenhagen Business School and Aarhus School of Business in Denmark.

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