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Hens / Howard / Nicolopoulou-Stamati Health Impacts of Waste Management Policies

Proceedings of the Seminar 'Health Impacts of Wate Management Policies' Hippocrates Foundation, Kos, Greece, 12-14 November 1998

1. Auflage. Softcover version of original hardcover Auflage 2000, Band: 16, 326 Seiten, Kartoniert, Paperback, Format (B × H): 155 mm x 235 mm, Gewicht: 534 g Reihe: Environmental Science and Technology Library
ISBN: 978-90-481-5477-7
Verlag: Springer Netherlands

Hens / Howard / Nicolopoulou-Stamati Health Impacts of Waste Management Policies

This chapter introduces key themes from the book, reflecting the topics of the 'Awareness of the Health Impacts of Waste Management Policies' Seminar, in Kos, Greece. November, 1998. The waste management and health scene is introduced by an outline of concems relating to persistent organic pollutants, as well as through perspectives from Less Developed Countries and from industry. An overview of policy lines for waste management includes an assessment of recent proposals by the European Commission, as well as selected examples from European countries and the USA. Descriptions of developments in research, tools and conceptual approaches for waste management and health issues are provided. Research into health effects of dioxins and PCBs is outlined, as are reviews of technological options for waste management, proposed developments in health impact assessment, environmental taxes as a waste management tool, and integrated regional waste management approaches. A series of case studies provide real­ world examples of research and policy development including a review of the effects of waste management on wildlife and domestic animals. In conclusion, important crossover themes and challenges are outlined. Topical issues include differences between technological capacity and actual performance, burden of proof and the precautionary principle, hazard versus risk assessment, and societal dimensions of awareness and attitudes. Time-lag, intergenerational effects and the introduction of the chemical hygiene concept are highlighted as important considerations, as well as the general need for prioritisation of the child and infant in all regulatory procedures.



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Preface and Acknowledgements. List of Contributors. List of Figures. List of Tables. List of boxes. Introductory Chapter: Awareness of the Health Impacts of Waste Management; P. Nicolopoulou-Stamati, et al. The Waste Management and the Health Scene. Persistent Organic Chemical Pollution: An Introduction; C.V. Howard, et al. The Challenge to Achieve Better Landfills Where Only Dumps Are Achieved Now: An Anthology; P. Rushbrook. Waste Management: An Industrial Policy Point of View; O. Linher. National Policy Lines on Waste Management. The European Environmental Bureau on the European Commission's Proposal on Incineration of Waste; D. Sotiropoulous-Vardaka. Household Waste Management in the Flemish Region of Belgium; L. van Grimbergen. Waste-to-Energy and Waste Management: Austrian and EU Policy Lines; R.L. Lindbauer. Policy Options for Waste Management in Greece; C. Dontas. Waste Management Policies in the United States of America; G. Valaoras. Health Issues on Waste Management. Background Exposure to Dioxins and PCB's in Europe and the Resulting Health Effects; J.G. Koppe, et al. Particulate Aerosols, Incinerators and Health; C.V. Howard. Health and Environmental Impact Assessment; L. Hens. Can Ecological Taxes Play a Role in Diminishing the Health Impacts of Waste Management? C. Steenwegen. Co-ordinated Regional Action for the Reduction of Solid Waste Pollution in the Framework of the Mediterranean Action Plan; G. Kamizoulis. Case Studies. A Local Increased Incidence of Orofacial Clefts in Amsterdam: The Result of Open Combustion of Chemicals? G.W. ten Tusscher, et al. Health Effects of a Household Waste Incinerator Near Wilrijk, Belgium; N. van Larebeke. Impacts of Inadequate or Negligent Waste Disposal on Wildlife and Domestic Animals: Relevance for Human Health; G. Staats de Yanes, C.V. Howard. Towards a Precautionary Approach for Waste Management Supported by Education and Information Technology; L. Hens, et al. List of Abbreviations. List of Units. Index.

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