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Kenney A Leadership Journey in Health Care: Virginia Mason's Story

1. Auflage 2015, 192 Seiten, Gebunden, Format (B × H): 159 mm x 241 mm, Gewicht: 429 g
ISBN: 978-1-4822-9968-7

Kenney A Leadership Journey in Health Care: Virginia Mason's Story

Since adapting the principles of the Toyota Production System to health care in 2002, Virginia Mason Health System has made enormous leaps forward in quality, safety, patient experience of care, and affordability. It has achieved world-class levels of patient satisfaction and has been honored as one of the safest hospitals in the country.A Leadership Journey in Health Care: Virginia Mason's Story supplies an inside look at process improvement from the world leader in applying Lean methods to health care. It presents key lessons learned as well as the best practices developed at Virginia Mason during its 12-year process improvement journey.Just as important, Virginia Mason’s culture of leadership at all levels sets it apart from others in the health care universe. Describing why it’s critical for leadership to be actively involved in any process improvement initiative, the book illustrates exactly what leadership looks like at all levels within Virginia Mason.In the book, bestselling author Charles Kenney introduces breakthrough new work at Virginia Mason that most health care audiences have yet to read about. He details the reasons why governance has played such a big role in Virginia Mason’s success and discusses a game-changing initiative concerning respect for people.After reading this book, you will better understand the active leadership style that has propelled Virginia Mason’s success. By following the best practices and lessons learned, you will be prepared to teach, coach, and encourage your team to achieve streamlined and standardized work, sustained improvements, and increased patient satisfaction.
Foreword by Carolyn Corvi, Virginia Mason Health System/Virginia Mason Medical Center Boards of Directors; Retired Vice President and General Manager, Boeing Commercial Airplanes


Weitere Infos & Material

A Leadership StoryTo Be the Quality Leader and Transform Health CareVirginia Mason Is DifferentThe Characteristics that Differentiate Virginia MasonWhat Does Leadership Look Like?Strategic Plan: The Power of AlignmentIt Is Crystal Clear; There Is No Ambiguity. The Patient Is at the Top… Everything We Do Is Focused on the PatientYou’ve Got to Live This Every Day and If You Think … We Don’t Need to Do It You’re WrongTo Be the Quality Leader and Transform Health CareAlignment: Here Is My True North… This Guide, This Roadmap that Tells Me What I Should Be DoingAlignment Essential to Setting Organizational GoalsSourcing and DiversitySelectionRetention: Orientation and OnboardingMarketing/BrandingNatural Synergy: Strategic Plan and Physician CompactNew Management Method, New Ways to LeadIce in His VeinsIt’s Been Successful, but Back Then We Didn’t KnowBet the Farm StrategyThere Is Hope and Optimism and a Sense that, Yes, We Can Do ThisWe Are All Held AccountableWorld-Class ManagementSarah Patterson: A Leader’s VoiceThe Variation Itself Kills the ProductYou’re Still Doing These Workshops?If We Didn’t Have VMPS Now I Would Be TerrifiedRespect for People: Essential to the Virginia Mason Production SystemWow, How Shallow Are We?Invisible WorkersThere Is Bullying in Health Care and You Have to Commit to Respectful BehaviorOur Goal Is to Have a Team that Feels Respected and Valued and HeardRespect for People Has to Do with Treating People Well but, More Importantly, with Maximizing Human PotentialRespect for People Makes Lean Management WorkA Substantial Barrier to Progress in Patient Safety Is a Dysfunctional Culture Rooted in Widespread DisrespectFoundational Behaviors of Respect for PeopleTheater as TrainingI Have a ConcernWe Are All in the Same Value StreamWhat Does Leadership Look Like?We Are a Leadership Team, not a Compilation of LeadersA Team JourneyThe Gold Is in the Work of the Team, not SuperstarsThe Essential Nature of TrustMost of the Leaders Here Are Intrinsically MotivatedIt Is the Egalitarian Sense that Every Team Member Has Something Valuable to AddIdentifying Talent, Developing LeadersReady-NowLeadersDr. Joyce Lammert, Hospital Medical DirectorLeanne Lewis, Administrative Director, Anatomic Pathology and Clinical LaboratoriesKaterie Chapman, Vice President of Perioperative and Support ServicesDr. Donna Smith, Medical Director of ClinicShelly Fagerlund, Vice President, Clinic OperationsA Very Different Kind of BoardCase 1: Optical Implant ErrorCase 2: Billing ChaosCase 3: Failure to Recognize Emergent SymptomsA Very Different Kind of BoardJamie Brings a Unique Level of Health-Care ExpertiseRigorous Evaluations of Board MembersBoard Compact: Foundation for a Robust Governance Evaluation SystemThe Virginia Mason Institute: Leading the Vision to Transform Health CareDr. Craig Grimes: Frazzled, Overwhelmed, SkepticalWhen You Look at Your Practice from a Population Standpoint You See It DifferentlyEverything Gary Said Resonated with MeIt Was a Life-Changing ExperienceThe Lean Tools and Virginia Mason Principles Resonate Extremely Well HereCan We Really Do What Virginia Mason Has Done?Doctors Were Unhappy and Revenues Were DownWe Learned an Important Lesson, and There Were a Lot of Hurt FeelingsWith VMPS We Can Do So Much More for PatientsVirginia Mason’s Essential ElementsOptimismHumilityTeamworkCourageTransparencyAlignmentLearning OrganizationAccountabilityUrgencyIndex

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