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International Law Reports: Volume 98

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Decisions of international courts and arbitrators, as well as judgements of national courts, are fundamental elements of modern public international law. The International Law Reports is the only publication in the world wholly devoted to the regular and systematic reporting in English of such decisions. It is an absolutely essential work of reference. The series, established 60 years ago (originally under the title of Annual Digest and Reports of Public International Law Cases), covers the years from 1919. Four volumes a year, each of some 700 pages, is envisaged. The cases are drawn from every relevant jurisdiction - international and national. The series is, therefore, the most convenient source of case law material in the field. The volumes are prepared by an experienced team under the auspices of the Research Centre for International Law in the University of Cambridge. All decisions in foreign languages are translated into English. By reason of its standing and scope of coverage, the series is widely and regularly cited in judgements of international and national tribunals, as well as in the literature of the subject. There is no question here of choosing between this series and some other. There is no other publication that even remotely provides a comparable coverage of case law in this field. The series is a must for every library that needs to provide even minimal international law coverage. It is also the most economical and efficient way of accessing the whole range of international case law material.
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Table of Cases Reported; I. Decisions of International Tribunals: Soering v. United Kingdom [European Court of Human Rights] (1989), Pratt and Morgan v. Jamaica (Communications Nos 210/1986 and 225/1987) [United Nations Human Rights Committee] (1989), Reid v. Jamaica (Communications Nos 250/1987) [United Nations Human Rights Committee] (1990), Kindler v. Canada (Communication No 470/1991) [United Nations Human Rights Committee] (1993), Ng v. Canada (Communication No 469/1991) [United Nations Human Rights Committee] (1993), II. Decisions of Municipal Courts: Kindler v. Canada (Minister of Justice) [Canada] (1991), Reference Re Ng (Extradition) [Canada] (1991), Regina v. Finta [Canada] (1991), Regina v. Secretary of State of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, ex parte Rees-Mogg [England] (1993), Re Treaty on European Union (Decision No 92-312 DC) [France] (1992), Working Hours Equality Case (Case Nos 1 BvR 1025/82, 1 BvL 16/83 and 10/91) [Federal Republic of Germany] (1992), Maastricht Treaty 1992 Constitutionality Case (Case Nos 2 BvR 2134 and 2159/92) [Federal Republic of Germany] (1993), Pratt and Another v. Attorney-General for Jamaica and Another [Jamaica] (1993), ASEPESCO Case (Case No 64/91) [Spain] (1991), Electoral Law Constitutionality Case (Case No 28/91) [Spain] (1991), Re Treaty on European Union (Case No 1236/92) [Spain] (1992), United States v. County of Arlington and Another [United States] (1982), Ministry of Supply, Cairo and Another v. Universe Tankships Inc [United States] (1983), Australian Government Aircraft Factories and another v. Lynne and Others [United States] (1984), Colonial Bank v. Compagnie Generale Maritime et Financiere [United States] (1986), Barkanic and Others v. CAAC [United States] (1987), Hercaire International Inc v. Argentina and Another [United States] (1987), Meadows and Another v. Dominican Republic and Another [United States] (1987), Segni v. Commercial Office of Spain [United States] (1988), Compania Mexicana de Aviacion SA v. United States District Court for the Central of California and Others [United States] (1988), Gould Inc v. Pechiney Ugine Kuhlmann and Trefimetaux [United States] (1988), Millen Industries Inc and Others v. Coordination Council for North american Affairs [United States] (1988), Gregorian and Another v. Izvestia and Others [United States] (1989), International Housing Limited v. Rafidain Bank Iraq [United States] (1989), Gould Inc v. Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co Ltd and Others [United States] (1990), Herbage v. Meese and Others [United States] (1990), Gerding and Others v. Republic of France and Others [United States] (1991), Risk v. Halvorsen and Others [United States] (1991), Santos v. Compagnie Nationale Air France [United States] (1991), Schoenberg and Others v. Exportadora de Sal SA de CV [United States] (1991), Shapiro v. Republic of Bolivia and Others [United States] (1991).

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