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Lee Advances in Financial Planning and Forecasting, Volume 11

Erscheinungsjahr 2003, 188 Seiten, Gebunden, HC gerader Rücken kaschiert, Format (B × H): 161 mm x 240 mm, Gewicht: 460 g
ISBN: 978-0-7623-1016-6
Verlag: Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Lee Advances in Financial Planning and Forecasting, Volume 11

".if you are looking for concise information or even the remotest metabolic or degenerative disease, you will find the basic information easily at hand.the authors are to be congratulated on mastering a task which most of us would not even have had the courage to begin."
--Paul Kleihues, International Agency for Research Cancer (IARC), in BRAIN PATHOLOGY
"Drs. Cerves-Navarro and Urich. have come to our aid. The authors have collected, digested, and summarized over 3,000 published reports and studies, and have presented this information in a consistent, clear format that makes this book a wonderful reference. All of the sections are thoroughly referenced. A job well done."
--Robert E Mrak, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, in HUMAN PATHOLOGY
"The book represents a tour de force for the two authors, who are renaissance neuropathologists, an increasingly uncommon breed of neuropathologists these days. a valuable resource for the neuropathologists for whom it will provide sufficient information for most practical purposes and a starting point for more detailed investigation, especially for rare conditions."
--Dennis W. Dickson, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, in CELL


Weitere Infos & Material

An Empirical Examination of The Intraday Return Volatility Process (S. Rahman, K.P. Ang). The Valuation of New Product Introduction Under Uncertain Competition: A Real Option Approach (S.-S. Chen, et al.). Earnings, Dividends, and Equity Value of Multinational Firms (A. Riah-Belkaoui). Benford's Law and Its Application in Financial Fraud Detection (K. Kumar, S. Bhattacharya). Estimation of the Degree of Integration in the U.S. Maturity Rates Using Semiparametric Techniques (L. Gil-Alana). On Country-Fund Price Behavior-An Empirical Analysis of Cointegrating Factors (T. Chiang, D. Kim). Strategic Capital Budgeting: the Abandonment Option with Political Risk (E. Clark). Time Series Model Complexity and Firm Valuation: the Case of AR1 Firms Versus Non-AR1 Firms (B.-H. Bao, D.-H. Bao). Debt Covenant Violation and the Value Relevance of Accounting Information (W. Cready, et al.). What's Next: Merger in the Lebanese Banking Sector (A. Charbaji).

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