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Malkin / Newton Neurological Complications of Systemic Cancer and Antineoplastic Therapy

1. Auflage 2010, 648 Seiten, Gebunden, Format (B × H): 187 mm x 262 mm, Gewicht: 1728 g Reihe: Neurological Disease and Therapy
ISBN: 978-0-8493-9191-0
Verlag: Taylor & Francis Inc

Malkin / Newton Neurological Complications of Systemic Cancer and Antineoplastic Therapy

Neurological Complications of Systematic Cancer and Antineoplastic Therapy provides an in-depth review of common manifestations related to neurology that occur in patients with systemic cancer. These include brain metastases, spinal cord compression, cerebrovascular events, and leptomeningeal disease. The book also discusses less common complications such as paraneoplastic disorders and neoplastic plexopathy.
Highlights include:

The pathophysiology and molecular biology of cancer and the metastatic phenotype
Metastatic spread to cranial and peripheral nerves and brachial and lumbosacral plexuses
Metabolic and nutritional disorders
CNS infections
Neurological complications of immunotherapy and bone marrow transplants

Additional chapters review problems related to each specific tumor type, such as breast, lung, and colorectal, as well as gynecological cancer, genitourinary cancer, and malignant melanoma. The book also discusses neurological complications related to treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy.
Bringing clinical trial knowledge from the bench to the bedside, this volume is an essential reference for the practicing oncologist and neurologist.


Neurologists and oncologists.

Weitere Infos & Material

Biology and pathophysiology of nervous system metastases
Herbert B Newton and Mark G Malkin
Intracranial metastases
Herbert B Newton and Mark G Malkin
Epidural metastasis and spinal cord compression
Nader Pouratian, Mark E Shaffrey, and David Schiff
Leptomeningeal metastasis
Linda D Grossheim and Mark G Malkin
Cranial nerve involvement by metastatic cancer
Paul L Moots
Cancer-related plexopathies
Paul L Moots and Michael Edgeworth
Cerebrovascular complications of malignancy
Joseph Rudolph and Jeffrey M Katz
Metabolic and nutritional nervous system dysfunction in cancer patients
Herbert B Newton
Central nervous system infections in cancer patients
Amy A Pruitt
Diagnosis and treatment of paraneoplastic neurological disorders
Annick Desjardins
Neurological complications of lung cancer
Linda D Grossheim, Mark G Malkin, Suriya A Jayapalan, and John W Henson
Neurological complications of breast cancer
Neil E Anderson
Neurological complications of malignant melanoma
Maciej M Mrugala and John W Henson
Neurological complications of leukemia and lymphoma
Lynne P Taylor
Neurological complications of head and neck cancer
Marta Penas-Prado and Morris D Groves
Neurological complications of gynecological cancers
Susan C Pannullo, Eliana T Muskin, Robert D Zimmerman, and Jennifer A Moliterno
Neurological complications of GI cancers
Larry Junck and Mark M Zalupski
Neurologic complications associated with genitourinary cancer
Samer S Kasbari, Marc S Ernstoff, and Camilo E Fadul
CNS complications of sarcoma
Ed Olson and Jeffrey J Raizer
Neurological complications of multiple myeloma
Nina A Paleologos and Allison L Weathers
Neurologic complications of cancer and its therapy during childhood
Mark T Jennings
Neurological complications of radiotherapy
Jeremy Rudnick and Lauren E Abrey
Neurological complications of chemotherapy
April F Eichler and Patrick Y Wen
Neurological complications of immunotherapy
Florence Laigle-Donadey, Gentian Kaloshi, and Jean-Yves Delattre
Neurological complications of steroids and of supportive care
Willem-Johan van de Beek and Charles J Vecht
Psychiatric aspects of care in the cancer patient
William S Breitbart and Yesne Alici
Chronic cancer pain syndromes and their treatment
Nathan I Cherny
Psychosocial issues
Jane R Schubart, Elana Farace, and Robert Cavaliere
Supportive care
Herbert B Newton and Mark G Malkin

Malkin, Mark G.
Herbert B. Newton, M.D., is Professor of Neurology, Co-Director, Dardinger Neuro-Oncology Center, Esther Dardinger Endowed Chair in Neuro-Oncology and Director in the Division of Neuro-Oncology at the Ohio State University Medical Center, Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Newton is also an Attending Physician in Neuro-Oncology at The Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute and Staff Physician in the Section of Neurology at the Children's Hospital of Columbus. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology and Royal Society of Medicine, and a member of numerous national and international societies.

Mark G. Malkin M.D., is Chief of the Division of Neuro-oncology in the Department of Neurology, and Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dr. Malkin is also on the active staff of Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital, where he serves as Co-Chair of the Cancer Committee. He is a Fellow of both the Royal College of Physicians of Canada (Neurology) and the American Academy of Neurology. In 2005 he received the Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award from the Department of Neurology at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

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