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McFedries iPad Portable Genius

, 352 Seiten, Kartoniert, Format (B × H): 150 mm x 250 mm Reihe: Portable Genius
ISBN: 978-1-118-70872-9
Verlag: Wiley & Sons

McFedries iPad Portable Genius

Make the most of your iPad with these savvy tips and techniques
The iPad, iPad Air, and iPad mini are taking the world by storm. This no-nonsense guide covers everything you want to know to take full advantage of all your iPad has to offer. Along with necessary basics about the newest iPad; iPad Air, iPad mini; and iOS; it gives you smart; innovative ways to accomplish a variety of tasks and tips to help you maximize the convenience of your Apple digital lifestyle.
More than 100 million iPads have been sold; and the number continues to grow
Hip and practical; Portable Genius guides are packed with suggestions and tricks to help devotees of the Apple digital lifestyle get the most from their devices
This guide includes tips and techniques you may not discover just by using your iPad; including creative ways to save time and effort
Previous editions of this book have sold more than 74,000 copies
iPad Portable Genius, 2nd Edition is the ultimate guide to a productive relationship with your iPad.


Weitere Infos & Material

Acknowledgements v
Introduction xvi
Chapter 1 How Do I Start My iPad or iPad mini? 2
Using the Home Buttom 4
Working with the Side Switch 7
Operating the Volume Controls 8
Getting to Know the Rest of the Tablet 8
Operating the Touchscreen 11
Running Your Tablet from the Control Center 18
Chapter 2 How Do I Connect to a Network? 20
Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network 22
Forgetting a Wi-Fi network 25
Working with Cellular Network Connections 29
Switching Your Tablet to Airplane Mode 32
Connecting Your Tablet to a Bluetooth Device 33
Chapter 3 How Do I Configure My iPad or iPad mini? 38
Creating a Custom Home Screen 40
Working with App Notifications 44
More Useful Configuration Techniques 48
Configuring Your Tablet for Social Networking 58
Chapter 4 How Do I Keep My iPad or iPad mini in Sync? 62
Connecting Your Tablet to Your Computer 64
Syncing Your Tablet Automatically 66
Syncing Your Tablet Manually 68
Syncing Your Tablet via Wi-Fi 69
Taking Syncing to a Higher Level 70
Syncing Your Tablet with iCloud 76
Chapter 5 How Can I Get More Out of Web Surfing? 84
Touchscreen Tips for Surfing 86
Browsing tips for Faster Surfing 88
Filling in Online Forms 100
Getting Even More Out of Safari 105
Chapter 6 How Do I Make the Most of E-mail? 114
Managing Your E-mail Accounts 116
Configuring E-mail Accounts 124
Configuring E-mail Messages 127
Chapter 7 How Do I Manage My E-book Library? 140
Understanding E-book Formats 142
Syncing E-books 144
Managing Your iBooks Library 146
Reading with iBooks 153
Reading Other E-books 159
Reading Magazines with Newsstand 159
Chapter 8 How Can I Have Fun with Photos? 162
Syncing and Importing Photos 164
Browsing and Viewing Photos 171
Getting More Out of Photos 174
Editing Photos 178
Sharing Photos 181
Using the Cameras 185
Chapter 9 How Can I Get More Out of Listening to Audio? 190
Preparing iTunes Audio for Your Tablet 192
Syncing Audio 195
Working with the Music App 202
Getting More Out of the Audio Features 211
Customizing the iPad audio settings 213
Controlling music with Siri voice commands 214
Chapter 10 How Can I Work with Video on My iPad or iPad mini? 216
Syncing Videos 218
Other Ways to Watch Video 223
Recording and Editing Video 225
Chapter 11 How Do I Manage Contacts? 234
Syncing Your Contacts 236
Getting Started with Contacts 238
Creating and Editing Contacts 239
Getting More Out of Contacts 245
Chapter 12 How Do I Track My Appointments 252
Syncing Your Calendars 254
Getting Started with the Calendar App 256
Tracking Your Events 257
Getting More Out of the Calendar App 262
Working with Reminders 266
Chapter 13 How Can I Navigate My World with iPad? 272
Finding Your Way with Maps and GPS 274
Configuring Location Services 286
Chapter 14 How Do I Protect or Fix My iPad or iPad mini? 292
Protecting Your Tablet with a Passcode 294
Configuring Yoru Tablet to Sleep Automatically 297
Backing Up Your Tablet 298
Configuring Parental Controls 299
Locating and Protecting a Lost iPad 300
General Troubleshooting Techniques 305
Taking Care of the Battery 310
Solving Specific Problems 313
Glossary 320
Index 324

McFedries, Paul
Paul McFedries is a Mac expert and full-time technical writer. He has written more than 85 books that have sold more than four million copies worldwide. His books include The New iPad Portable Genius and all previous editions of iPhone Portable Genius. Paul encourages all readers to drop by his website,

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