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Messerschmitt / Szyperski

Software Ecosystem

Understanding an Indispensable Technology and Industry

MIT Press

Software has gone from obscurity to indispensability in less than fifty
years. Although other industries have followed a similar trajectory, software and
its supporting industry are different. In this book the authors explain, from a
variety of perspectives, how software and the software industry are
different--technologically, organizationally, and socially.The growing importance of
software requires professionals in all fields to deal with both its technical and
social aspects; therefore, users and producers of software need a common vocabulary
to discuss software issues. In Software Ecosystem, Messerschmitt and Szyperski
address the overlapping and related perspectives of technologists and
nontechnologists. After an introductory chapter on technology, the book is organized
around six points of view: users, and what they need software to accomplish for
them; software engineers and developers, who translate the user's needs into program
code; managers, who must orchestrate the resources, material and human, to operate
the software; industrialists, who organize companies to produce and distribute
software; policy experts and lawyers, who must resolve conflicts inside and outside
the industry without discouraging growth and innovation; and economists, who offer
insights into how the software market works. Each chapter considers not only the
issues most relevant to that perspective but also relates those issues to the other
perspectives as well. Nontechnologists will appreciate the context in which
technology is discussed; technical professionals will gain more understanding of the
social issues that should be considered in order to make software more useful and
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Weitere Infos & Material

Messerschmitt, David G.
David Messerschmitt is Roger A. Strauch Professor of Electrical Engineering and
Computer Sciences at the University of California, Berkeley.

Szyperski, Clemens
Clemens Szyperski is a Software Architect at Microsoft in Redmond and affiliated
with Microsoft Research. He is a School of Computer Science Adjunct Professor at
Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

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