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Murji / Solomos

Theories of Race and Ethnicity

Contemporary Debates and Perspectives

Cambridge University Press

How have research agendas on race and ethnic relations changed over the past two decades and what new developments have emerged? Theories of Race and Ethnicity provides a comprehensive and cutting-edge collection of theoretically grounded and empirically informed essays. It covers a range of key issues in race and ethnicity studies, such as genetics and race, post-race debates, racial eliminativism and the legacy of Barack Obama, and mixed race identities. The contributions are by leading writers on a range of perspectives employed in studying ethnicity and race, including critical race feminism, critical rationalism, psychoanalysis, performativity, whiteness studies and sexuality. Written in an authoritative yet accessible style, this volume is suitable for researchers and advanced students, offering scholars a survey of the state of the art in the literature, and students an overview of the field.
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1. Introduction: situating the present Karim Murji and John Solomos; Part I. Debates: Introduction to Part I; 2. Race and the science of difference in the age of genomics Sandra Soo-Jin Lee; 3. Colour-blind egalitarianism as the new racial norm Charles A. Gallagher; 4. Getting over the Obama hope hangover: the new racism in 'post-racial' America Eduardo Bonilla-Silva (with Victor E. Ray); 5. Does a recognition of mixed race move us toward post-race? Miri Song; 6. Acting 'as' and acting 'as if': two approaches to the politics of race and migration Leah Bassel; 7. Can race be eradicated? The post-racial problematic Brett St Louis; Part II. Perspectives: Introduction to Part II; 8. Superseding race in sociology: the perspective of critical rationalism Michael Banton; 9. Critical race feminism Adrien K. Wing; 10. Performativity and 'raced' bodies Shirley Tate; 11. Racism: psychoanalytic and psycho-social approaches Simon Clarke; 12. The sociology of whiteness: beyond good and evil white people Matthew W. Hughey; 13. (Sexual) whiteness and national identity: race, class and sexuality in colour-blind France Éric Fassin; 14. Racial comparisons, relational racisms: some thoughts on method David Theo Goldberg; 15. Conclusion: back to the future Karim Murji and John Solomos.

Solomos, John
John Solomos is Professor of Sociology at the University of Warwick where he is also Head of Department.

Murji, Karim
Karim Murji is based in the Sociology Department at The Open University where he contributes to a wide range of interdisciplinary teaching in the social sciences.

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