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Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering, Fifth Edition, Volumes One and Two

Taylor & Francis

Completely revised and updated, Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering, Fifth Edition spans the entire spectrum of environmental science and engineering. Still the most comprehensive, authoritative reference available in this field, the monumental two-volume encyclopedia has expanded to include 87 articles on topics ranging from acid rain, air pollution, and community health, to environmental law, instrumentation, modeling, alternative energy, toxicology, radioactive waste, and water treatment. The articles have been extensively revised and updated, new ones have been added to cover the latest developments related to today's environmental problems. The result is a reference work that provides the information necessary to understand, manage, and respond to threats to the human environment.
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Weitere Infos & Material

Acid Rain, G.J. Stensland
Aerosols, J.H. Seinfeld, Y. Kousaka, and K. Okuyama
Air Pollutant Effects, E.F. Ferrand
Air Pollution Instrumentation, J. Geiger and M.D. Mueller
Air Pollution Meteorology, H.A. Panofsky
Air Pollution Sources, J. Menczel
Aquatic Primary Production, C.R. Goldman
Atmospheric Chemistry, L.G. Anderson
Biological Treatment of Wastewater, J. K. Bewtra and N. Biswas
Brownfields, L. Dorigan
Coal Gasification Processes, R.J. Farrell and E.N. Ziegler
Community Health, J.B. DeHoff
Composting, J.K. McCarthy and R.R. Cardenas, Jr.
Desalination, E. Delyannis and B. Belessiotis
Disinfection, A. D. Russell and P. J. Ditchett
Ecology of Plants, E.L. Rice
Ecology of Primary Terrestrial Consumers, F.C. Evans
Ecosystem Theory, E.P. Odum
Effects of Chemicals, J.R. Pfafflin and P. Baham
Electrostatic Precipitation, R.G. Ramsdell, Jr.
Energy Sources-Alternatives, F.W. Mollenkamp and K.C. Hoffman
Environmental Assessments and Related Impacts, R. Dresnack
Environmental Education, E.B. Golub
Environmental Health, J.A. Salvato, Jr.
Environmental Law, W. Goldfarb
Epidemiology, J.H. Lange
Eutrophication, R. Dresnack
Fluidized Bed Combustion, J. Sanderson
Fossil Fuel Cleaning Processes, E.N. Ziegler
Geographic Information Systems, T. Hepworth
Greenhouse Gases Effects, B.J. Mason
Groundwater Resources, P. Chan, Y. Ding, and J.R. Schuring, Jr.
Hazardous Waste Management, R.T. Dewling and G.A. Pikul
Hazardous Wastes, E.F. Ferrand
Hydrology, M.C. Quick
Indoor Air Pollution, J.D. Constance
Industrial Ecology, T. Wang and T.E. Graedel
Industrial Hygiene Engineering, F.S. Gill and R.J. Alesbury
Industrial Waste Management, C.E. Parker and S.R. Qasim
Instrumentation: Water and Wastewater Analysis, L.L. Ciaccio
Legal Aspects of the Environment, V.J. Yannacone, Jr.
Limnology, F.P. Solomon

Management of Radioactive Wastes, C.A. Mawson and Y. Ding
Management of Solid Waste, P.B. Lederman and M.F. Debonis
Marine Spillage-Sources and Hazards, D.P. Roseman
Microbiology, H.N. Guttman
Mobile Source Pollution, E.N. Ziegler
Modeling of Estuarine Water Quality, N.E. Armstrong
Municipal Wastewater, J.R. Pfafflin and C. Macinnis
Natural Systems for Wastewater Treatment, M.S. Kamal and S.R. Qasim
Nitrogen Oxides Reduction, E.N. Ziegler and W.M. Sutton Noise
Noise, C.E. Wilson
Non-ionizing Radiations, G.M. Wilkening
Oceanography, M. Bruno and R. Hires
Oil Spillage into Water-Treatment, G.P. Canevari
Particulate Emissions, J.M. Matsen
Particulate Removal, J.M. Matsen
PCBs and Associated Aromatics, I. Webber
Pesticides, R.L. Metcalf
Physical and Chemical Treatment of Wastewaters, A. Anzalone, J.K. Bewtra, and H.I. Ali
Planning, E. McLoughlin
Planning for New Processes: Environmental Aspects, R.H. Quig, T. Granger, and E.N. Ziegler
Planning Water Supply and Sanitation Projects in Developing Nations, S.R. Qasim
Pollution Effects on Fish, J.E. Bardach
Pollution from Mine Drainage, E.P. Hall
Prevention of Toxic Chemical Release, J.D. Constance
Psychological Aspects of Man's Environment, S.M. Pfafflin
Radiation Ecology, S.I. Auerbach
Radon, R.T. Dewling, D.A. Deieso, and G.P. Nicholls
Recycling Waste Materials, M.A. Tompeck
Remote Sensing, J. Chipman
Sediment Transport and Erosion, J.A. McCorquodale
Small Flow Wastewater Treatment for Domestic and Special Applications, S.R. Qasim
Stack Sampling, D.G. Wright and M.E. Kantz
Statistical Methods for Environmental Science, S.M. Pfafflin
The Terrestrial System, R.B. Fuller
Thermal Effects on Fish Ecology, C.C. Coutant
Toxicology, J.H. Lange
Urban Air Pollution Modeling, A. Anzalone
Urban Runoff, R. Field
Vapor and Gaseous Pollutant Fundamentals, T.-M. Chiu and E.N. Ziegler
Water and Waste Management Systems in Space, R.G. Zachariadis and S.R. Qasim
Water Chemistry, M. Forsberg, S. Gherini, and W. Stumm
Water Flow, S.P. Chee
Water: Properties, Structure and Occurrence in Nature, M. Forsberg, S. Gherini, and W. Stumm
Water Reuse, P. Ratnaweer
Water Treatment, P.H. Jones and M.A. Tompeck
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