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Smith / Somers-Hall

The Cambridge Companion to Deleuze

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Gilles Deleuze (1925–1995) was an influential and provocative twentieth-century thinker who developed and presented an alternative to the image of thought found in traditional philosophy. This volume offers an extensive survey of Deleuze's philosophy by some of his most influential interpreters. The essays give lucid accounts of the fundamental themes of his metaphysical work and its ethical and political implications. They clearly situate his thinking within the philosophical tradition, with detailed studies of his engagements with phenomenology, post-Kantianism and the sciences, and also his interventions in the arts. As well as offering new research on established areas of Deleuze scholarship, several essays address key themes that have not previously been given the attention they deserve in the English-speaking world.
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Introduction Henry Somers-Hall; 1. Deleuze and the history of philosophy Daniel W. Smith; 2. Difference and repetition James Williams; 3. The Deleuzian reversal of Platonism Miguel Beistegui; 4. Deleuze and Kant Beth Lord; 5. Phenomenology and metaphysics, and chaos: on the fragility of the event in Deleuze Leonard Lawlor; 6. Deleuze and structuralism François Dosse; 7. Deleuze and Guattari: Guattareuze and Co. Gary Genosko; 8. Nomadic ethics Rosi Braidotti; 9. Deleuze's political philosophy Paul Patton; 10. Deleuze, mathematics, and realist ontology Manuel Delanda; 11. Deleuze and life John Protevi; 12. Gilles Deleuze's aesthetics of sensation Dorothea Olkowski; 13. Deleuze and literature Ronald Bogue; 14. Deleuze and psychoanalysis Eugene Holland; 15. Deleuze's philosophical heritage: unity, difference, and onto-theology Henry Somers-Hall.

Smith, Daniel W.
Daniel W. Smith is Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Purdue University and is the author of Essays on Deleuze (2012). He is the translator of Gilles Deleuze's Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation and Essays Critical and Clinical (with Michael A. Greco, 1998), as well as Pierre Klossowski's Nietzsche and the Vicious Circle (2005) and Isabelle Stenger's The Invention of Modern Science (2000).

Somers-Hall, Henry
Henry Somers-Hall is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is the author of Hegel, Deleuze, and the Critique of Representation (2012) and the co-translator (with Nick Midgley, Alistair Welchman and Merten Reglitz) of Salomon Maimon's Essay on Transcendental Philosophy (2010).

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