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Vincent -Managing- New-Product Development

Softcover Nachdruck of the original 1. Auflage 1989, 166 Seiten, Kartoniert, Paperback, Format (B × H): 158 mm x 240 mm, Gewicht: 265 g
ISBN: 978-1-4684-7504-3
Verlag: Springer, Berlin

Vincent -Managing- New-Product Development

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1 Introduction: Opportunity, Risk and Benefit.- Market opportunities.- Risk versus benefit.- Timing.- The competitive approach.- 2 Concept to Launch: The Development Cycle.- Project phases.- Idea.- Feasibility study.- Laboratory model.- Development.- Production engineering.- Production.- Trials.- Launch.- 3 Setting the Goal.- Projects.- The project leader.- Decision making.- Defining the need.- The requirement specification.- Goal setting.- Managing change.- Roles.- Product issues.- Single point responsibility.- Department versus function.- Status and role.- Motivation.- 4 Seeing in the Dark: The Need to Plan.- Why plan?.- Planning tools.- Planning techniques.- Network notation.- Creating a plan.- Planning in practice.- The critical path.- Resourcing.- What if...?.- Squeezing the plan.- Working with plans.- 5 Organising for Success.- Meetings.- Specifications.- Document control.- Managing change.- Working together.- Purchasing.- Reviews.- 6 Cost and Time.- Estimating.- The cost of change.- Managing cost and time.- Tracking expenditure.- Product cost.- 7 Understanding Technologies.- Managing technology.- Electronics.- Software.- New technologies.- Appendix A: Document Control.- Appendix B: Change Control.- Appendix C: Functional Specification.- Appendix D: Review Guidlines.- Appendix E: Requirement Specification Format.


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