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Crane / Matten Business Ethics

Erscheinungsjahr 2003, 506 Seiten, Kartoniert, Format (B × H): 189 mm x 246 mm
ISBN: 978-0-19-925515-3
Verlag: Oxford University Press

Crane / Matten Business Ethics

Key Features:

Up-to-date and topical introduction to business ethics with a broad European focus
- Broad coverage of business ethics challenges and practices from a European perspective
- Coverage of globalization, corporate citizenship and sustainability
- Applied approach featuring a full range of student learning aids


Business Ethics is an exciting, new, student focused text providing a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of European business ethics. It is the first business ethics textbook to feature extensive coverage of the highly topical issues of corporate citizenship, globalization and sustainability. The book includes numerous cases, vignettes and examples, providing a well-rounded mixture of theory and practical application.


Business Ethics by Brian Harvey. Published 1994 £25.99. Publisher: Pearson. Comments: Contributor book, with chapters written by different experts in the field. It has a strong European focus. Our book is better because it contains well-known and better integrated case studies, lots of pedagogical features and is much more student focused in style than the Harvey book. The Harvey book is also now quite dated. 350 pages

Essentials of Business Ethics by George Chryssides and John Kaler. Published 1996 £29.99. Publisher: McGraw-Hill. Comments: Good introduction to the main issues in business ethics. However it is much shorter than our book, rather dated and has very few case studies. 192 pages

The Ethical Organisation: Ethical Theory and Corporate Behaviour by Alan Kitson and Robert Campbell. Published 1995 £23.99. Publisher: Palgrave. Comments: Broad coverage of the main issues in business ethics and is very readable and student friendly. However the book is only UK focused so this limits its market, also it does not contain exercises and questions for students. 268 pages

The Ethical Business by Geoffrey Wood and Kamel Mellahi. Published 2002 £22.99. Publisher: Palgrave. Comments: Strongest competitor as most recent of the non-US texts. However lacks good pedagogy and does not fit well to modular structures. The text is also very UK rather than European focused. 192 pages

Managing Values and Beliefs in Organisations by Tom McEwan. Published 2001 £26.99. Publisher: FT-Prentice Hall. Comments: Comprehensive and up to date so could be a reasonably strong competitor. However rather practitioner focused and lacks a conceptual framework. 560 pages

Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases 5/e by Ferrell et al. Published 2001 £23.95. Publisher: Houghton-Mifflin. Comments: Offers an accessible introduction to the subject and has fairly strong pedagogical features. However very US focused and the cases are not well integrated with the text. 432 pages

Understanding and Analysing Business Ethics by Hine. Published 2000 £15.99. Publisher: Addison Wesley-Longman. Comments: New European text which takes a strongly theoretical approach grounded in moral philosophy. Slightly too abstract for business student market and does not really address the wider European context. 200 pages


Part A: Understanding Business Ethics
1. Introducing Business Ethics
2. Framing Business Ethics: Corporate Responsibility, Stakeholders and Citizenship
3. Evaluating Business Ethics: Normative Ethical Theories
4. Making Decisions in Business Ethics: Descriptive Ethical Theories
5. Managing Business Ethics
Part B: Contextualizing Business Ethics: The Corporate Citizen and its Stakeholders
6. Shareholders and Business Ethics
7. Employees and Business Ethics
8. Consumers and Business Ethics
9. Suppliers & Competitors and Business Ethics
10. Civil Society Organizations and Business Ethics
11. Government & Regulation and Business Ethics
12. Local Communities and Business Ethics


2nd and 3rd year undergraduate Business students and MBA students


Weitere Infos & Material

Crane, Andy
ANDY CRANE, Business School, Nottingham University, and DIRK MATTEN, Business School, Nottingham University

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