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El Idrissi / L'Amoreaux Taurine 8

Volume 2: Nutrition and Metabolism, Protective Role, and Role in Reproduction, Development, and Differentiation

2013, 362 Seiten, Kartoniert, Previously published in hardcover, Format (B × H): 155 mm x 235 mm, Gewicht: 5621 g
ISBN: 978-1-4899-8902-4
Verlag: Springer, Berlin

El Idrissi / L'Amoreaux Taurine 8

Taurine 8 represents the combined efforts of investigators on the roles of the amino acid taurine on human health and disease. The chapters covered in this book are directly derived from presentations of the contributors at the 18th International Taurine Meeting held in Marrakech, Morocco in April 2012. The purpose of this book is to disseminate current findings on taurine's contribution in several organ systems. This book covers the following topics: Taurine in Nutrition and Metabolism, the Protective Role of Taurine, and the Role of Taurine in Reproduction, Development, and Differentiation. Dr. Abdeslem El Idrissi, College of Staten Island and Dr. William L’Amoreaux, College of Staten Island,  were co-chairs of the Organizing Committee for the meeting.


Data presented at this meeting provided compelling evidence that taurine is not only cytoprotective in cardiomyocytes, but also is a potent GABA agonist, whereby it can facilitate vasodilation of conducting arteries. Taurine conjugates, such as taurine chloramine, may protect cells from oxidative stress via increased HO-1 expression. In adult rodents, taurine has a potent effect on plasma glucose levels, likely through the release of insulin in pancreatic beta cells. As a potential neurotransmitter, taurine is known to work via the GABAergic system, but current research presented at this meeting suggest that taurine may interact with glutamate and serotonin receptors as well. Data are also presented to demonstrate the protective roles of taurine on neurons in neuroblastoma. Perhaps the most important and exciting presentation is the role of taurine and alcohol: the combination may be lethal. Data are also presented at this meeting of the potential role taurine may have as an adjuvant treatment with cisplatin in chemotherapy.



Weitere Infos & Material

Taurine, Glutathione And Bioenergetics.- Molybdenum Cofactor Deficiency: Metabolic Link Between Taurine And S-Sulfocysteine.- Taurine And Chinese Traditional Medicine Accelerate Alcohol Metabolism In Mice.- Taurine And Chinese Traditional Medicine Accelerate Alcohol Metabolism In Mice.- The Effect Of Long-Term Taurine Supplementation And Fructose Feeding On Glucose And Lipid Homeostasis In Wistar Rats.- Effect Of Taurine Feeding On Bone Mineral Density And Bone Markers In Rats.- The Effects Of Bisphosphonates On Taurine Transport In Retinal Capillary Endothelial Cells Under High Glucose Conditions.- Perinatal Taurine Imbalance Alters The Interplay Of Renin-Angiotensin System And Estrogen On Glucose-Insulin Regulation In Adult Female Rats.- Reduced Placental Taurine Transporter (Taut) Activity In Pregnancies Complicated By Pre-Eclampsia And Maternal Obesity.- Effects Of Taurine Supplementation Upon Food Intake And Central Insulin Signaling In Malnourished Mice Fed On A High Fat Diet.- Positive Correlation Between Serum Taurine And Adiponectin Levels In High-Fat-Induced Obesity Rats.- Relationship Among Serum Taurine, Serum Adipokines And Body Composition During 8-Week Human Body Weight Control Program.- Dietary Taurine And Nutrients Intake And Dietary Quality By Alcohol Consumption Level In Korean Male College Students.- Taurine Supplementation Restores Insulin Secretion And Reduces Er Stress Markers In Protein-Malnourished Mice.- Taurine As A Marker For The Identification Of Natural Calculus Bovis And Its Substitutes.- Taurine Deficiency And Melas Are Closely Related Syndromes.- Antioxidant And Dna Protection Effects Of Taurine By Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy.- Additional Effects Of Taurine On The Benefits Of Bcaa Intake For The Delayed-Onset-Muscle Soreness And Muscle Damage Induced By High-Intensity Eccentric Exercise.- Taurine Enhances Anticaner Activity Of Cisplatin In Human Cervical Cancer Cells.- Comparative Evaluation Of The Effects Of Taurine And Thiotaurine On Alterations Of The Cellular Redox Status And Activities Of Antioxidant And Glutathione-Related Enzymes By Acetaminophen In The Rat.- Effects Of Taurine On Myocardial Cgmp/Camp Ratio, Antioxidant Ability And Ultrastructure In Cardiac Hypertrophy Rats Induced By Isoproterenol.- Protective Effect Of Taurine On Tri-Ortho-Cresyl Phosphate (Tocp) Induced Cytotoxicity In C6 Glioma Cells.- The Mechanism Of Taurine Protection Against Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress In An Animal Stroke Model Of Cerebral Artery Occlusion And Stroke-Related Conditions In Primary Neuronal Cell Culture.- Relationship Among Self-Reported Fatigue, Dietary Taurine Intake And Dietary Habits In Korean College Students.- Simulative Evaluation Of Taurine Against Alopecia Caused By Stress In Caenorhabditis Elegans.- Protective Effect Of Taurine On The Decreased Biogenic Amine Neurotransmitter Levels In Brain Of Mice Exposed To Arsenic.- Differential Regulation Of Taut By Calcitriol And Retinoic Acid Via Vdr/Rxr In Llc-Pk1 And Mcf-7 Cells.- Knockdown Of Taut Expression Impairs Human Embryonic Kidney 293 Cell Development.- The Role Of Taurine On Skeletal Muscle Cell Differentiation.- Taurine And Fish Development: Insights For The Aquaculture Industry.- Effect Of Dietary Taurine And Arginine Supplementation On Bone Mineral Density In Growing Female Rats.- Taurine Enhances The Sexual Response And Mating Ability In Aged Male Rats.


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