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McFedries Microsoft Office 2007 Visual Quick Tips

1. Auflage 2007, 224 Seiten, Kartoniert, Format (B × H): 168 mm x 181 mm, Gewicht: 231 g Reihe: Visual Quick Tips
ISBN: 978-0-470-08972-9
Verlag: WILEY

McFedries Microsoft Office 2007 Visual Quick Tips

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Chapter 1: Lighten Your Workload with General Office Techniques. Shorten the AutoRecover Interval. Learn Shortcut Keys Faster. Customize the Quick Access Toolbar. Embed TrueType Fonts While Saving. Preview a Document Before Opening It. Customize the Places Bar. Manage Computer Files from Any Office Program. Store Files in a Different Default Location. Make Documents Private. Save a Document as an XPS File. Turn Scanned Documents into Text. Diagnose Office Problems. Customize Clip Art with the Ungroup Command. Position Clip Art Using Text Boxes. Chapter 2: Timesaving Tips for Word. Utilize Status Bar Shortcuts. Register a Blog Account. Post a Blog Entry. Remove a File from the Recent Documents List. Conserve Paper When Printing with the Zoom Options. Navigate Long Documents Using a Table of Contents. Navigate Long Documents Using Bookmarks. Compare Two Documents Side by Side. Using AutoText to Automate Repetitive Typing. Keep Words Together with a Non Breaking Space. Control Sentence Spacing. Using the Research Pane to Translate Text. Add Line Numbers in the Document Margin. Set Off a Paragraph with a Border. Resume Numbering in an Interrupted Numbered List. Insert Quick Horizontal Lines. Emphasize Paragraphs with Drop Caps. Customize Comment Text. Add Captions to Your Graphics. Insert a Table from the Keyboard. Keep Table Column Headings in Sight. Place a Table Within a Table. Align Shapes with Gridlines. Add Gradient Fills to Text Boxes. Create a Watermark. Chapter 3: Increase the Power of Your Spreadsheet with Excel. Automatically Open Your Favorite Workbook. Increase the Size of the Recent Documents List. Set a New Default Font and Size. Change the Gridline Color. Increase Readability by Printing Gridlines. Center Align Printed Data. Print Formulas Instead of Formula Results. Organize Worksheets by Color Coding Tabs. Label Rows and Columns in R1C1 Style. Keep Cells in View with a Watch Window. Protect Cells from Unauthorized Changes. Freeze Headings for Easier Scrolling. Wrap Text in Worksheet Cells. Add Visual Interest with Slanted Text. Magnify a Selection of Cells. Add Pizzazz with a Background Picture. Center Text Across Columns Without Merging Cells. Add Comments to Formulas. Turn Excel Data into a Pasteable Picture. Analyze Data with Conditional Formatting Graphics. Generate Random Numbers in Your Cells. Prevent Excel from Converting Fractions. Retrieve a Stock Quote. Count the Number of Days Between Two Dates. Join Text from Separate Cells. Copy Page Setup Settings from One Worksheet to Another. Find Data on Multiple Sheets with VLookup. Chapter 4: Enhance Your PowerPoint Presentations. Turn a Word Outline into a PowerPoint Presentation. Convert a Slide into an Image. Repeatedly Draw the Same Shape. Create Evenly Spaced Duplicate Shapes. Add Connector Lines to Objects. Save File Size by Compressing Pictures. Create Better Looking Shadowed Text. Turn a Photo into a Slide Background. Create a Custom Color Theme. Enhance Presentations with Movies. Create Scrolling Credits. Launch a Mini Slide Show Window. Make Your Slide Show Start Automatically. Create a Custom Slide Theme. Chapter 5: Customize and Optimize Outlook. Send Message Replies to Another Recipient. Customize a Personal Distribution List. Create a Custom Signature. Clean a Mailbox of Space Stealing Files. Print a Master Copy of an Address Book. Insert a Contact Address on an Envelope or Label. Display a Map to an Outlook Contact. View a Calendar with Nonconsecutive Dates. Display Two Time Zones. Chapter 6: Improve Your Database Productivity Using Access. Personalize a Database with a Custom Splash Screen. Customize the Database Title and Icon. Make a Database Window Work Like a Web Browser. Zoom Entries for Easy Editing. Make Form Values Stand Out with Conditional Formatting. Automatically Open a Form at Startup. Change a Form s Tab Order. Make a Form Interesting by Adding a Picture. Automatically Open a Specific Record. Set Up Forms to Close Automatically. A

McFedries, Paul
Paul McFedries ( Toronto , Ontario ) is the president of Logophilia Limited, a technical writing company. He has been programming since he was a teenager in the mid 1970s, has programmed everything from mainframes to desktops to bar code scanners, and has worked with many different languages, including Fortran, assembly language, C++, and, of course, JavaScript. Paul has written more than three dozen books that have sold more than two million copies worldwide. These books include Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows XP, 2nd Edition , Excel PivotTables and PivotCharts: Your visual blueprint , VBA for Office 2000 Unleashed , Windows XP Simplified, 2nd Edition , and The Complete Idiot s Guide to Creating a Web Page . Paul encourages all readers to drop by his Web site, .

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