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Pocock / Richards Human Physiology

The basis of medicine

2. Auflage 2004, 734 Seiten, Kartoniert Reihe: Oxford Core Texts
ISBN: 978-0-19-858527-5
Verlag: Oxford University Press

Pocock / Richards Human Physiology

Key Features:A new edition of our flagship undergraduate textbook
- Over 50 new figures and many from the previous edition have been redrawn
The new edition of Human Physiology - an Oxford Core Text continues to meet the needs of preclinical medical students and is also of value to those following undergraduate courses in physiology and other health-related disciplines. It adopts a student-friendly style with an emphasis on clarity, explanation and understanding complemented by full-colour illustrations. The book has a hierarchical organisation, beginning with aspects of cell and tissue function before proceeding to a consideration of the communication systems of the body including the endocrine and nervous systems. The heart of the text concerns the physiology of the main body systems.
The new edition has been significantly revised to include an expanded problem section at the end of each chapter with more quantitative examples and some clinical problems where appropriate. Each chapter has been updated and new material includes a section on the physiology of itch; more detailed treatment of colour vision, deafness and vestibular blindness; increased emphasis on neurology disorders; discussion of the physiology of respiratory failure and pulmonary embolism; a discussion of malabsorption disorders; extensive revision to cover the wider aspects of maternal physiology not just lactation, and extended treatment of fever. The Clinical Physiology chapter is now broken into several short chapters and includes a discussion of cardiovascular pathophysiology and organ failure.
1/e, 1999, Paperback, £35.00, 0-19-262538-1, Sold 11,153 copies
1/e, 1999, Hardback, £69.50, 0-19-262539-X, Sold 228 copies
(Figures correct at 06 August 2003)
- Inclusion of a new section on meiosis and a fuller account of energy metabolism in Chapter 3
- Treatment of the physiology of muscle (Chapter 7) has been expanded
- Chapter 8 has been extensively revised with a larger section on pain and a brief discussion of the medically important, but neglected, topic of itch
- More on the treatment of colour vision
- Chapter 12 has been extensively rewritten with more detail of common endocrine disorders and the inclusion of some illustrative plates
- Chapter 15 has also been expanded with a fuller treatment of the ECG and its origin
- Chapter 17 has been extensively rewritten to improve the discussion of clearance and now includes a discussion of free water clearance
- Chapter 18 now includes a discussion of disorders of absorption
- New chapter on Nutrition (Chapter 19)
- Reorganized and expanded discussion of Reproductive Physiology to include more detail of Maternal Physiology
- The Chapter on Growth (Chapter 23) has been revised and the discussion of the physiology of the bone expanded
- Includes a brief account of bone healing after a fracture
- Chapter 31 (Clinical Physiology) includes a brief account of the normal physiologist changes that occur during life


Medical students. Human physiology is studied in the first and second years usually, at the preclinical stage. Clinical students will also use the book to refer back to throughout training. Students of Physiology or Human Biology, preclinical dental, veterinary, pharmacy and physiotherapy students.The secondary markets are wide - those studying nursing, sports science, health and exercise sciences, nutrition, chiropractice, osteopathy etc. Also this book is supplementary reading for applied biology students with a human interest and medical pharmacologists.

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Pocock, Gillian
GILLIAN POCOCK, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery, Canterbury Christchurch University College, UK, and CHRISTOPHER D RICHARDS, Professor of Experimental Physiology, Department of Physiology, University College London, UK

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