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Stoner / Seeram Berries and Cancer Prevention

2011, 313 Seiten, Kartoniert, Previously published in hardcover, Format (B × H): 155 mm x 230 mm, Gewicht: 504 g
ISBN: 978-1-4899-8154-7
Verlag: Springer, Berlin

Stoner / Seeram Berries and Cancer Prevention

Experimental investigations in the past 10-15 years have provided convincing evidence of the cancer preventive potential of berries. Berries and their components have been shown to reduce the malignant properties of cancer cells in culture by influencing genes associated with cancer development. In addition, diets containing freeze-dried berries have been shown to prevent cancer in animals, and recent data indicate that they also exhibit cancer preventive effects in humans.



Weitere Infos & Material

Berries and Cancer PreventionI. Berry composition, bioavailability, metabolism and biological effects1.Contribution of berry anthocyanins to their chemopreventive properties - Pu Jing and M. Monica Giusti2.Ursolic acid and other pentacyclic triterpenoids: Anticancer activities and occurrence in berries - Catherine C. Neto3.Biological effects of berry extracts on carcinogenic signaling pathways in vitro - Tongjian Cai and Chuanshu HuangII. Antioxidant capacity of berry components4.Correlation of antioxidants and antioxidant enzymes to oxygen radical scavenging activities in berries - Shiow Y. WangIII. Chemopreventive effects of berries and berry components in animal model systems5.Berries and the prevention of esophageal adenocarcinoma - Laura A. Kresty, Amy Exum and Bree Zeyzus-Johns6.Endothelial cell tumor prevention with berry extracts: Clinical problems, molecular mechanisms and therapeutic opportunities - Gayle M. Gordillo, Chandan K. Sen7.Effects of black raspberries on UV-induced cutaneous inflammation and tumor development - Tatiana M. Oberyszyn8.Chemopreventive effects of berries and berry components in the rodent esophagus - Claire Seguin, Li-Shu Wang, and Gary Stoner9.Prevention of estrogen-mediated mammary tumors in ACI rats by berries - Harini Aiyer, Srivani Ravoori and Ramesh Gupta10.Inhibition of oral cancer in animal models by black raspberries and berry components - Bruce C. Casto, Thomas J. Knobloch and Christopher M. Weghorst11.Prevention of cancer with pomegranate and pomegranate anthocyanins - Vaqar Mustafa Adhami, Naghma Khan and Hasan Mukhtar12.Chemoprevention of chronic inflammatory bowel disease-induced carcinogenesis in rodent models by berries - Allison Yang, Haonan Li, WanYing Zhang, Yeon Tae Chung, Jie Liao, and Guang-Yu YangIV. Use of berries for cancer prevention in high-risk individuals/Berry chemoprevention in high-risk populations/Cancer prevention through berry formulations in high-risk individuals13.Prevention of oral dysplasia in humans by berry formulations - Susan R. Mallery and Meng Tong14.Cancer prevention in populations high at-risk for the development of oral cancer: clinical trials with black raspberries - Thomas J. Knobloch, Bruce C. Casto, Amit Agrawal, Steven K. Clinton, and Christopher M. Weghorst15.Effects of black raspberries on cellular and epigenetic biomarkers of colon cancer development in humans - Gary Stoner, Li-Shu Wang, Christine Sardo, Mark Arnold, Edward Martin, Wendy Frankel, and Dennis Pearl


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