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Hassan / Sharma Overtourism, Technology Solutions and Decimated Destinations

1. Auflage 2021, 330 Seiten, Gebunden, Book, Format (B × H): 155 mm x 235 mm
ISBN: 978-981-1624-73-5

Hassan / Sharma Overtourism, Technology Solutions and Decimated Destinations

This book meticulously focuses on seeing technological solutions of overtourism on decimated destinations from a comprehensive viewpoint. Considering the present crisis situation, the global tourism industry is in need to formulate revised strategies to recover and to be more resilient. The book creates a platform to deliberate the measures needed to be taken to tackle the issue of this most recent crisis of COVID-19 on the lens of overtourism and technology application. The book adds some unique suggestions to direct a new outlook towards overtourism, technology solutions and decimated destinations. This book discusses the responsibilities of tourists towards decimated destinations as well as provides in-deep knowledge and debates about technological solutions to overtourism in decimated destinations.



Weitere Infos & Material

Introduction (Azizul Hassan et al)

Part 1. Introduction
1. Theorising New Technologies as Potential Incremental Management Tools to Tackle Overtourism (Hugues Séraphin)
2. Can Technology-Tourism Interaction promote Responsible Practice preventing Over-tourism! (Samik Ray)
Part 2. Overtourism: Social Media Images
3. Facing Overtourism - Social Media to Advise Tourists to Visit Unexplored Destinations (Anukrati Sharma et al)4. Social Media Transforming Tourist Behavior: Leading Towards Overtourism (Manisha Solanky et al)5. Social Media and Transformation of Consumer Behavior in Tourism (Lakhvinder Singh)
Part 3. Overtourism: Marketing and Promotion
6. Information and Communications Technology for Overtourism Management: An Exploration (Priyakrushna Mohanty et al)
Part 4. Overtourism: Psychology, Community and Environmental Issues
7. Residents' Perception of Overtourism, Tourism Impacts and Economic Dependence in Gokceada Island (Nese KAFA et al)8. Community Development/ Frustration and Overtourism (Isil Arikan-Saltik et al)
Part 5. Overtourism: Challenges
9. Overtourism: Issues, Risk and Responsibility (Begüm Dilara EMIROGLU et al)10. Is Undertourism an Option after Covid-19? (Anurodh Godha)11. Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Sustainable Tourism: A Review on Saint Martin's Island in Bangladesh (Md Nekmahmud et al)
Part 6. Overtourism: Possible Solutions
12. Harnessing Information and Communication Technology led Interventions for Mapping Overtourism: Prospects and Retrospect (Parag S. Shukla et al)13. Alternative Tourism as a Solution of Overtourism (Yesim Koba)14. Smart Tourism: An Alternative Approach to Clench Overtourism (Muhammad Farooq Akhtar et al)15. Prospects and Challenges in Promoting All-Inclusive Holiday Tourism in Sri Lanka with Special Reference to the Resorts in Kalutara (N. H. D. Kumara et al)16. Demand for Responsible Tourism in Sri Lanka: A Case Study of Yala of Wildlife Destination (Chinthana Duminduhewa et al)
Part 7. Overtourism: The Future with Technology Solutions
17. Overtourism, Technology Solutions, and Decimated Destinations (Pinaz Tiwari et al)18. What Could We Really Say about Overtourism? (Maximiliano E Korstanje)
Conclusion (Azizul Hassan et al)

Hassan, Azizul
Dr Azizul Hassan is a member of the Tourism Consultants Network of the UK Tourism Society. Hassan's research interest areas are technology-supported marketing for tourism and hospitality, immersive technology application in the tourism and hospitality industry, technology influenced marketing suggestions for sustainable tourism and hospitality industry in developing countries. Hassan authored over 100 articles and book chapters in leading tourism outlets. He is also part of the editorial team of 25 book projects from Routledge, Springer, CAB International, and Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
Dr Anukrati Sharma is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Commerce and Management, University of Kota, Kota, Rajasthan, India. She has edited and authored several books and has attended a number of national and international conferences, presenting over 45 papers. She has been invited to talks, lectures and panel discussions by different universities. Dr Sharma handles training sessions at the Rajasthan Police Academy, Jaipur, India. Her special interest areas are tourism, tourism marketing, strategic management and international business management.

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