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Brooks / Huggett Human Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

Current and Future Perspectives

2012, Band: 4, 304 Seiten, Kartoniert, Previously published in hardcover, Format (B × H): 155 mm x 235 mm, Gewicht: 480 g Reihe: Emerging Topics in Ecotoxicology
ISBN: 978-1-4939-0163-0
Verlag: Springer, Berlin

Brooks / Huggett Human Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

Human interaction with the environment remains one of the most pervasive facets of modern society. In a world characterized by rapid population growth, unprecedented global trade and digital communications, energy security, natural resource scarcities, climatic changes and environmental quality, emerging diseases and public health, biodiversity and habitat modifications are routinely touted by the popular press as they canvas global political agendas and scholarly endeavors.



Weitere Infos & Material

Perspectives on Human Pharmaceuticals in the Environment.- Environmental Risk Assessment for Human Pharmaceuticals - the Current State of International Regulations.- Regulation of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: The United States.- Environmental Fate of Human Pharmaceuticals.- Environmental Comparative Pharmacology: Theory and Application.- A Look Backwards at Environmental Risk Assessment: An Approach to Reconstructing Ecological Exposures.- Considerations and Criteria for the Incorporation of Mechanistic Sub-Lethal Endpoints into Environmental Risk Assessment for Biologically Active Compounds.- Human Health Risk Assessment for Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: Existing Practice, Uncertainty, and Future Directions.- Wastewater and Drinking Water Treatment Technologies.- Pharmaceutical Take Back Programs.- Index.


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