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Koehler Transformational Leadership in Government

1. Auflage 1996, 184 Seiten, Gebunden, Format (B × H): 160 mm x 236 mm, Gewicht: 422 g
ISBN: 978-1-57444-030-0
Verlag: Taylor & Francis Ltd

Koehler Transformational Leadership in Government

This book is your guide to becoming an empowerment leader. Its purpose: to redirect and re-energize leadership in government.If you are involved in any form of government leadership, this new publication will show you exactly how to develop and implement the principles of empowerment and improve quality.Transformational Leadership in Government is written for administrators and managers who are committed to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their staff. Koehler and Pankowski illustrate how true leadership is the creation of a working environment that encourages those closest to the problem to take the responsibility for solving it.The authors provide new principles of leadership that will enable leaders to successfully manage any government organization. The book focuses on governmental organizations that should be customer driven, process oriented, team based, and data driven. The essence of Transformational Leadership in Government can be summed up in the words of W. Edwards Deming: Give the worker a chance to work with pride.


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NEW DIRECTIONS IN LEADERSHIPPurpose of This BookTraditional Approaches to Leadership in GovernmentCharting a New Leadership Path in GovernmentDefining Leadership in GovernmentGovernment and Industry: Similar Leadership CrisisAwakening the Giant: Foreign Competition and Changing Customers' Wants and NeedsThe Awakening of Government LeadersThe Difference Between Being an Administrator and a LeaderEmpowerment Leadership PrinciplesPrinciple #1: View organizations as systemsPrinciple #2: Establish and communicate organization strategyPrinciple #3: Institutionalize a management systemPrinciple #4: Develop and train all associates in process managementPrinciple #5: Empower individuals and teamsPrinciple #6: Measure and control processesPrinciple #7: Recognize and reward continual improvementPrinciple #8: Inspire continual changeOrganization of This BookCHAPTER 2EMPOWERING SYSTEMSView and Understand Government Organizations as Systems Empowering organizationsAdopt the Cornerstones and Beliefs of Empowering OrganizationsSummaryCHAPTER 3EMPOWERMENT LEADERSHIP: VISION AND STRATEGYCreate a Vision for the OrganizationDevelop a Mission StatementEstablish Organization ValuesIdentify the Desirable Outcomes that Result from Government Organization Efficiency and EffectivenessDevelop a Strategic PlanAlign Organizations to Achieve Desirable OutcomesDevelop a Set of Principles that Serve as the Foundation for Management ActionSummaryCHAPTER 4CHARACTERISTICS OF QUALITY EMPOWERMENT LEADERSHigh Tolerance for UncertaintyLow Tolerance for UncertaintyEnergeticPassion for QualityPerseverancePositive Self-ImageCredibilityStrong Desire to Influence OthersSummaryCHAPTER 5THE SKILLS OF EMPOWERMENT LEADERSConceptual Skills Monitor your environment Understand your organization's processes Continually employ strategic planningTechnical Skills Histograms Cause-and-effect diagrams Force field analysis Pareto charts Check sheets Control charts Run charts Scatter diagramsCommunication Skills Team participation Empowerment team facilitation Team leadership Public speaking Writing skills Teaching Coaching skillsSummaryCHAPTER 6EMPOWERMENT LEADERSHIP: BEHAVIORPower and Organizational BehaviorEmpowerment and Organizational BehaviorPerception and BehaviorLeading Others to Lead ThemselvesSummaryCHAPTER 7EMPOWERMENT LEADERSHIP: SUBSTITUTESOrganization-Wide Compensation and Recognition ProgramCohesive Process Improvement TeamsProcess Improvement GuidesProfessional Work ForceMission Identification, Understanding and AcceptanceInstilling ValuesQuality Indicators360 Degree Feedback SystemsProcess Measurement, Control and BenchmarkingOrganization Effectiveness CriteriaCHAPTER 8EMPOWERMENT LEADERSHIP: INSPIRING CHANGENeed for a ChangeVisionSharing the VisionStrategy for Plan ChangeInterventionsOvercoming Resistance to ChangeAccessing ChangeInstitutionalizing ChangeInspiration


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