Hinduja / Li Proceedings of the 36th International Matador Conference

1. Auflage. 2010, 598 Seiten, Gebunden, mit 1 CD-ROM, Format (B × H): 230 mm x 305 mm, Gewicht: 1809 g Reihe: Proceedings of the Internation
ISBN: 978-1-84996-431-9

Hinduja / Li Proceedings of the 36th International Matador Conference

Presented here are 130 refereed papers given at the 36th MATADOR Conference held at The University of Manchester in July 2010. The MATADOR series of conferences covers the topics of Manufacturing Automation and Systems Technology, Applications, Design, Organisation and Management, and Research.

The proceedings of this Conference contain original papers contributed by researchers from many countries on different continents. The papers cover the principles, techniques and applications in aerospace, automotive, biomedical, energy, consumable goods and process industries.

The papers in this volume reflect:

• the importance of manufacturing to international wealth creation;
• the emerging fields of micro- and nano-manufacture;
• the increasing trend towards the fabrication of parts using lasers;
• the growing demand for precision engineering and part inspection techniques; and
• the changing trends in manufacturing within a global environment.




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Bio- and Nanotechnolgy.- Robust Control Strategy of Fluid Dispensing Process for Solid Freeform Fabrication of Tissue Engineered Hydrogel Scaffold.- An innovative approach for the fabrication of highly conductive nanocomposites with different carbon.- Analysis of local field enhancement including tip interaction for the application to nano-manipulation using FDTD calculations.- Forming.- Numerical Simulation of the Four Roll Bending Process.- Investigation on the Process Parameters and Process Window of Three-Roll-Push-Bending.- Casting of Aluminium Alloy Strip by Improved Single-Roll Caster.- Casting of Al-Si-SiCp composite alloy strip by a vertical type twin roll caster.- Casting of aluminium alloy clad strip using a vertical type tandem twin roll caster.- Micro-forming of aluminum alloy by cold rolling.- Rapid shape measurement of micro deep drawing parts by means of digital holographic contouring.- Fracture Limits of Metal Foils in Micro Forming.- A theoretical model for the velocity field of the extrusion of shaped sections taking into account the variation of the axial component.- A theoretical model for the material flow for the forward extrusion of complicated and non-symmetric sections.- An Optimization Algorithm for Improving Combined Multi-Stage Deep-Drawing and Ironing Processes of Axisymmetric Components. Analysis and Experimentation.- Nanofinishing Process for 3D Freeform Surfaces Using Ball End MR Finishing Tool.- Pressure Distribution in Cold Rolling of Turbo-engine Thin Compressor Blades.- Determination of the duty cycle in thermoset pultrusion.- Development of New Press-Forming Process for a Screw-Threaded Fuel Filler Pipe.- Roller Hemming: A New Simulation Model for the Automotive Industry.- Control of the uniformity of direct electrical heating for Rotational Moulding.- Grinding.- High Efficiency Deep Grinding, an Application with conventional wheels.- Detection of High and Low Temperature in the Grinding Zone using Laser Irradiation Technique.- Investigation of Influences of Wheel Speed on Root Geometrical Dimension of Gas Turbine Blade.- Ultra-fine Finishing of Metallic surfaces with Ice Bonded Abrasive Polishing Process.- Plane surface grinding with application of Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL).- Study of the Behavior of Air Flow around a Grinding Wheel under the Application of Pneumatic Barrier.- Manufacturing Systems and Management.- A cutting plane algorithm for solving single machine scheduling problems with uncertain sequence-dependent setup times.- A Knowledge-Based Engineering System for Assembly Sequence Planning.- Product Family Modeling and Optimization Driven by Customer Requirements.- Transparency in Production by Monitoring the Condition of Molds, Dies and Machines.- Simulation Modelling of Product-Service Systems: the Missing Link.- RFID Deployment at an Airport: A Simulation Study.- Design and Structures.- Failure knowledge based decision-making in product quality.- Predicting the End-Of-Life of Defence Electronic Systems at the Conceptual Design Stage.- Design of Multi-Span Microfixturing Cell for Parallel Assembly of Microparts Using Electrothermally Actuated Microclamps.- An Evaluation Method Based on Multiple Quality Characteristics for CNC Machining Center using Fuzzy Matter Element.- Design of a Meso-scale 3-axis Milling with Nanometer Accuracy.- A Novel Concept to Design Machine Tool Structures using Multifunctional Materials.- Design Synthesis of a three legged SPS Parallel Manipulator.- Piezo-Metal-Composites as Smart Structures.- A Methodology for Engineering Design Change Management Using Modelling and Problem Solving Techniques.- Modeling and Analysis of the strength of Adhesively Bond CFRP-Aluminium T-joints.- Metal Cutting.- Modelling of Machine Tapping with Straight Flute Taps.- High Speed MQL Drilling of Titanium Alloy using Synthetic Ester and Palm Oil.- Estimation of minimum chip thickness for multi-phase steel using acoustic emission signals.- Extension of a Simple Predictive Model for Orthogonal Cutting to Include Flow below the Cutting Edge.- Drilling Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics with Diamond Coated Carbide Cutting Tools.- Research on 3D Groove for Cutting Heat Distribution of Coated Carbide Milling Inserts.- In-Process Monitoring and Prediction of Surface Roughness on CNC Turning by using Response Surface Analysis.- Influence of Edge Bevelling on Burr Formation in Face Milling of an Aluminium Alloy.- Experimental Investigations on Drilling of Woven CFRP Epoxy Laminates: The Effect of Pilot-hole or Drill Chisel Edge on Delamination.- Modelling of hard turning: effect of tool geometry on cutting force.- Selection of optimal process parameters for gear hobbing under cold air minimum quantity lubrication cutting environment.- The Formation of Adiabatic Shear Bands as a result of Cryogenic CNC Machining of Elastomers.- Analysis of process parameters in the micromachining of Ti-6Al-4V alloy.- Tool Orientation Effects on the Geometry of 5-axis Ball-end Milling.- On deposition and characterisation of MoS x -Ti multilayer coating and performance evaluation in dry turning of aluminium alloy and steel.- Novel Developments in Cutting and Grinding of Preheated Billets.- Investigation of the Cutting Forces and Tool Wear in Laser Assisted Milling of Ti6Al4V Alloy.- Numerical Techniques for CAM Strategies for Machining of Mould and Die.- Welding.- Net Shape Laser Butt Welding of Mild Steel Sheets.- Humping Modelling in Deep Penetration Laser Welding.- Keyholing or Conduction - Prediction of Laser Penetration Depth.- Dual Focus Nd:YAG Laser Welding of Titanium Alloys.- Product design for welding.- Studies on the Effect of Process Parameters on the Shear Performance of Joints of Aluminium Alloy Produced by Adhesive Joining, Spot Welding and Weld-Bonding.- Influence of Electron Beam Local Annealing on the Residual Stresses for the joints with Electron Beam Welding of near ? titanium alloy.- Similar and Dissimilar Welding of Ductile Cast Iron.- Metrology.- Recognition of Contact States in Robotized Assembly Using Qualitative Wavelet Based Features and Support Vector Machines.- Linear Axes Performance Check on a Five-Axis Machine Tool by Probing an Uncalibrated Artefact.- A Holistic Approach to Quantifying and Controlling the Accuracy, Performance and Availability of Machine Tools.- Development of a Small 3-axis Angular Sensor for Real-time Abbé Error Compensation on Numerically Controlled Machine Tools.- Micro-scale co-ordinate metrology at the National Physical Laboratory.- Coating Thickness Measurement.- Digital Alignment of a reconstructed Hologram for Measurement of Deterioration of Tools.- Implementation of decision rules for CMM sampling in a KBE system.- Machine Vision System for Inline Inspection in Carbide Insert Production.- Assembly Tolerance Analysis including Flatness: Using Virtual Mating Plane.- Inspection of defects in CFRP-Foam Layered structure composite plates of aerospace materials using lock-in thermography.- Image Processing Methods for Online Measurement in Radial-Axial Ring Rolling.- Cognitive Production Metrology: A new concept for flexibly attending the inspection requirements of small series production.- The Metrology Enhanced Tooling for Aerospace (META) Framework.- Rapid Prototyping.- Application of 3D Printing for the Rapid Tooling of Thermoforming Moulds.- Printing Characteristics and Performance of Polymer Thick Film Inks for Direct Write Applications.- Effect of work piece volume on statistically controlled rapid casting solution of aluminum alloys using three dimensional printing.- Using Additive Manufacturing Effectively: A CAD Tool to Support Decision Making.- Dynamic strength and fracture toughness analysis of beam melted parts.- An additive method for photopatterning of metals on flexible substrates.- Green Engineering.- An investigation of the EREE-based low carbon manufacturing on CNC machine.- Reduced Energy Consumption by Adapted Process Chains.- Model-Based Predictive Consumption of Compressed Air for Electro-Pneumatic Systems.- Schottky Solar Cells Based on Graphene and Silicon.- Variation of Engineer Performance and Emissions Using Ethanol Blends.- ECM and EDM.- EDM performance is affected by the white layer.- Development of a hybrid method for electrically dressing metal-bonded diamond grinding wheels.- Robust Parameter Design and Multi-Objective Optimization of Electro-Discharge Diamond Face Grinding of HSS.- Analysis of Non-limiting Current Resistance and Isopulse Power Supply for WEDM.- Some Aspects of Surface Integrity Study of Electro Discharge Machined Inconel 718.- Laser Technology - Cladding and Deposition.- Advances in Direct Metal Deposition.- Effect of processing parameters in manufacturing of 3D parts through laser direct metal deposition.- A numerical investigation of powder heating in coaxial laser metal deposition.- Laser cladding of NiCr-WC metal matrix composites: dependence on the matrix composition.- Laser Technology - Bio and Micro System Processes.- Wettability analysis of CO2 laser surface patterned nylon 6,6 samples soaked in simulated body fluid (SBF).- Fast parallel diffractive multi-beam laser surface micro-structuring.- Effect of different processing parameters of Ti: Sapphire femtosecond laser on human dental dentine.- Forming microchannels on a glass substrate by CO2 laser.- Influence of pressure on aluminium plasma expansion produced by a nanosecond laser pulse: a numerical study.- Laser Technology - Powder Bed Processes.- Consolidation behaviour and microstructure characteristics of pure aluminium and alloy powders following Selective Laser Melting processing.- Influence of distortion on part accuracy of Indirect Metal Selective Laser Sintering.- Surface Roughness Studies in Selective Laser Sintering of Glass filled Polyamide.- Laser Technology - Forming.- Finite Element Modelling of the Laser Forming of AISI 1010 Steel.- The effect of laser beam geometries on laser forming of sheet metal.- Towards Controlled 3D Laser Forming.- Laser Technology - Surface Modification.- Fracture Toughness Modifications By Means of CO2 Laser Beam Surface Processing of a Silicon Nitride Engineering Ceramic.- Surface oxygen diffusion hardening of TA2 pure titanium by pulsed Nd: YAG laser under different gas atmosphere.- Investigation on the Key Techniques of Confined Medium and Coating Layer for Laser Shock Processing on Aeroengine Blade.- Improvement of Corrosion Performance of HVOF MMC Coatings by Laser Surface Treatment.- Numerical and Experimental Studies on the Laser Melting of Steel Plate Surfaces.- Analysis of temperature distribution during fibre laser surface treatment of a zirconia engineering ceramic.- Laser Technology - Micro and Nano Processes.- WC Nano powder cold planting via laser shock peening onto aluminium/magnesium alloy surfaces.- Femtosecond laser induced two-photon polymerization of dielectric-loaded surface plasmon-polariton nanowaveguides.- Real-time control of polarization in ultra-short pulse laser micro-processing.- Laser Technology - Industrial Applications.- Laser Inertial Fusion-based Energy (LIFE) - Developing Manufacturing Technology for low cost and high volume fusion fuel is critical to our future energy needs.- Initial Strategies for 3D RAP Processing of Optical Surfaces Based on a Temperature Adaptation Approach.- Wireless & Powerless Laser Welding Monitoring System.- System Design for Laser Assisted Milling of Complex Parts.- Direct Laser Writing System of Mask for Integrated Photonics Devices.- Laser Technology - Welding.- Direct Laser Welding for Al- Li Alloy Plate without the Cleaning of Surface Film.- Characteristics of keyhole and molten pool during laser welding of TC4 Ti-alloy.- Typical Joint Defects in Laser Welding of Aluminium-Lithium Alloy.

Li, Lin
Srichand Hinduja and Lin Li both work in the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering at The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.

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