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Buch, Englisch, 504 Seiten, Format (B × H): 176 mm x 242 mm, Gewicht: 992 g

Reihe: Business & economics

Alexander / Pascucci / Charnley

Handbook of the Circular Economy

Transitions and Transformation

Buch, Englisch, 504 Seiten, Format (B × H): 176 mm x 242 mm, Gewicht: 992 g

Reihe: Business & economics

ISBN: 978-3-11-072322-9
Verlag: De Gruyter

The Handbook of the Circular Economy takes a unique look at this rapidly expanding field of activity from the perspectives of global thought leaders, world-leading researchers and industry. Exploring both transitional activity and considering a transformed Circular Economy the book is presented in three distinct sections: section one includes first-hand ideas and opinions from some of the biggest names in our 21st century Circular Economy landscape. The second section includes empirical work that considers the state-of-the-art in research from a host of perspectives ranging from accounting to innovation, from policy to communities of practice. The final section includes brief examples of leading industrial innovations that are aiming to change the world. Suitable for students, researchers, policy-makers and industrialists this handbook highlights many of the challenges we face in shifting away from our linear economy.
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About the Editors List of Contributors Foreword Ellen MacArthur Foundation The circular economy: landscape, dimensions and definitions Stefano Pascucci, Allen Alexander, Fiona Charnley & Jessica Fishburn Part I-Introducing transformation Introduced by Allen Alexander 1 Walter Stahel on envisioning circular systems, lifecycles and products 2 Ken Webster on framing potential circular economies 3 Kate Raworth on creating regenerative and distributive economies by design 4 Frances Wall on virgin resources, scarcity and circularity 5 Hugo Spowers on transforming established industrial trajectories with a circular business strategy 6 Andy Rees OBE on waste, re-use, recycling and the power of positive governance 7 Ladeja Godina Kosir on transformation of people and the power of networks Part II-The state of transition Introduced by Stefano Pascucci 8 Circular design in practice: eight levers for change - Merryn Haines-Gadd, Fiona Charnley & Conny Bakker 9 Biomimicry and the Circular Economy - Saskia van den Muijsenberg 10 The transformational power of circular Innovation - Daniel Guzzo, Janaina Mascarenhas & Allen Alexander 11 Three lenses on circular business model innovation - Paavo Ritala, Nancy Bocken & Jan Konietzko 12 Finance and accounting in the circular economy - Aglaia Fischer, Diane Zandee & Marleen Janssen Groesbeek 13 Circular economy regulation: An emerging research agenda - David Monciardini, Eléonore Maitre-Ekern, Carl Dalhammar & Rosalind Malcolm 14 Circular society activism: prefigurative communities in everyday circular economy action - Steffen Böhm, Chia-Hao Ho, Helen Holmes, Constantine Manolchev, Malte Rödl, Wouter Spekkink 15 Circular economy jobs: Risks and opportunities in the labour market - Esther Goodwin Brown, Marijana Novak, Constantine Manolchev, Sharon Gil & Esteban Munoz 16 Resources, waste and a systemic approach to circular economy - Fenna Blomsma & Geraldine Brennan 17 Plastic futures: mobilising circular economy contexts to addressing the plastic crisis - Marta Ferri, Alison Stowell & Gail Whiteman 18 Aesthetic engagement: material practices of organising towards regenerative futures - Kim Poldner & Domenico Dentoni Part III-Industrial Vignettes exploring industry transition Introduced by Fiona Charnley 19 BAM Bamboo Clothing 20 Winnow Solutions Ltd 21 Riversimple 22 Rype Office 23 Elvis & Kresse 24 Circularity Capital 25 Teemill 26 Forest Green Rovers 27 Grover 28 ReStore Project 29 PackShare 30 Lendwithcare 31 Páramo 32 Circular & Co 33 Terragr'eau 34 LUSH Cosmetics 35 Shark Solutions 36 gDiapers 37 Ricoh 38 Riverford Organics 39 Oxwash 40 Triodos Bank 41 Co Cars 42 Oddbox 43 Fairphone 44 Ooho from Notpla 45 Repair Café 46 Gerrard Street 47 Patagonia 48 Whirli List of figures List of tables Index

Allen Alexander is Associate Professor of Innovation & Circular Economy and Deputy Head of Management - Sustainable Futures at the University of Exeter Business School. His research explores the role that innovation and entrepreneurship can play in circular economy transitions and leads the Circular Economy theme for the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM). Fiona Charnley is a Professor of Circular Innovation at the University of Exeter Business School, Co-Director of the UK National Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Hub and Co-Director of the Exeter Centre for Circular Economy. She also leads the University partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, exploring circularity through the lens of design. Stefano Pascucci is Professor of Sustainability and Circular Economy at the University of Exeter Business School, Professor (part-time) at the University of Auckland Business School and visiting research fellow at the Department of Business, Management and Organisation at the University of Wageningen. His research focusses on institutional analysis and sustainability connected to entrepreneurship, organisation studies and innovation.

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