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Arestis / Sawyer Inequality

Trends, Causes, Consequences, Relevant Policies

1. Auflage 2018, 373 Seiten, Gebunden, Book, Format (B × H): 154 mm x 217 mm, Gewicht: 642 g Reihe: International Papers in Political Economy
ISBN: 978-3-319-91297-4
Verlag: Springer, Berlin

Arestis / Sawyer Inequality

This book is the fifteenth volume in the renowned International Papers in Political Economy (IPPE) series which explores the latest developments in political economy. Containing contributions by experts in the field, this book focuses on topics that address the ongoing debate of inequalities in economic systems. Inequality has been considered a problem by many academics and policy makers for a long time now and recently here has been some evidence of increasing inequalities in society. Contributors to this book focus on the causes and consequences of inequality along with the importance of tackling inequality and recommend potential policies to reduce it, for example tax reforms. The book covers different aspects of inequality - from income to gender - and explores links between inequality and economic growth, and financialisation and financial crisis.



Weitere Infos & Material

1. Importance of Tackling Income Inequality and Relevant Economic Policies- Philip Arestis 2. Financialisation, Financial Crisis and Inequality- Malcolm Sawyer 3. Inequality and Growth: Marxian and Post-Keynesian/Kaleckian Perspectives on Distribution and Growth Regimes before and after the Great Recession- Eckhard Hein 4. Theoretical and Empirical Analyses of the Rise of Income Inequality in Rich Countries- Pasquale Tridico and Ricardo Pariboni 5. Can Tax Reforms Reduce Inequality?- Ahmed Seyf 6. Gender Inequality in the Labour Market and the Great Recession- Felipe Serrano and Patricia Peinado 7. Rich become Richer and the Poor become Poorer: A Wealth Inequality Approach from Great Britain- Dimitra Kavarnou and Niko Szumilo 8. Why has Income Inequality Been Neglected in Economics and Public Policy?- Robert Wade and Michele Alacevich

Arestis, Philip
Philip Arestis is Professor and Director of Research at the Cambridge Centre for Economics and Public Policy, Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge, UK, and Professor at the Department of Applied Economics, University of the Basque Country, Spain.
Malcolm Sawyer is Emeritus Professor of Economics, Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds, UK. He has been the principal investigator for the European Union funded (8 million euros) five year research project Financialisation, Economy, Society and Sustainable Development, involving 15 partner institutions across Europe and more widely (


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