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Ashta Microfinance

Battling a Wicked Problem

Neuausgabe 2016, Band: 15, 228 Seiten, Kartoniert, Paperback, Format (B × H): 150 mm x 220 mm, Gewicht: 320 g Reihe: Business and Innovation
ISBN: 978-2-8076-0091-1
Verlag: Peter Lang

Ashta Microfinance

A school of thought hails microcredit as a social innovation, a messiah to enable people to help themselves out of poverty through entrepreneurship. An opposing school of thought considers microcredit as a capitalist demon ensnaring the poor in poverty and debt. The layman and the million professionals working in this industry are at a loss to make sense of the stories that circulate about microcredit. This book provides this sense-making, useful for students, professionals, investors and researchers who are attracted to this field.

Poverty is a wicked problem, akin to Hydra, the Greek mythological monster with many heads. As microcredit tries to balance multiple objectives to grapple with these multiple heads, it has needed to shift the weapons it uses. The arsenal for this battle has needed new philosophies, changing ethics, differing missions, institutional partnerships, the latest technologies and new products. These rapid innovations have differed in speed across the world, with adaptations in developed and developing countries. This book presents these with many case studies and field research.

It is clear that development initiatives, no matter how financial, cross academic disciplines. At the very least, they affect disciplines such as economics, business management, sociology, history, geography, politics, legal systems in place, as well as science, which is evolving at such a high speed. The book provides this multidisciplinary view and motivates future research and practices.


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The evolution of microcredit - Institutional analysis of microcredit - Technology and microfinance - From microcredit to microfinance

Ashta, Arvind

Professor Arvind Ashta, holder of the Banque Populaire Chair in Microfinance at the Burgundy School of Business (ESC Dijon), has degrees in economics, business management, political science and law from prestigious institutions in India and France. He has been teaching and researching microfinance for the last decade, with a prolific publication record in academic and professional journals and books. He has been invited to present courses and seminars on microfinance across the world.

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