Barbir / Ulgiati Energy Options Impact on Regional Security

1. Auflage 2010, 382 Seiten, Gebunden, Book, Format (B × H): 166 mm x 243 mm, Gewicht: 1294 g Reihe: NATO Science for Peace and Security Series
ISBN: 978-90-481-9564-0

Barbir / Ulgiati Energy Options Impact on Regional Security

Energy appears to be a fundamental driving force of economic and political strategies as well as planetary stability. Energy-related issues such as (1) the availability of new energy sources and viable technologies, (2) the disparity in access to energy sources, (3) the role of energy in our societies (energy societal metabolism), (4) the energy support to the life of our cities (where about half of world population is going to live very soon), and (5) the energy demand for food security all over the world, are “hot” problems that humans will have to face within the framework of sustainability (ecologically sound production and consumption patterns associated with socially acce- able life styles), in terms of policies, technological development and economic processes. A coherent energy strategy is required, addressing both energy supply and demand, security of access, development problems, equity, market dynamics, by also taking into account the whole energy lifecycle including fuel production, transmission and distribution, energy conversion, and the impact on energy equipment manufacturers and the end-users of energy systems. Issues of energy efficiency and rebound effect must also be taken into proper account. In the short term, the aim should be to achieve higher energy efficiencies and increased supply from local energy sources, in particular renewable energy sources.



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Preface . Multi-Method and Multi-Scale Analysis of Energy and Resource Conversion and Use; S. Ulgiati et al.-Using the MuSIASEM approach to study metabolic patterns of modern societies; M. Giampietro et al.- Seven Policy Switches for Global Security; J. Greyson.- Energy security and the social use of energy; I. Matutinovi?.-Technology wedges for Low Carbon Strategies in Industry; H. Schnitzer and M. Titz.-Sustainable energy for world economies; T. Muneer.-Cadmium flows and emissions: CdTe PV friend or foe?; M. Raugei.- Increasing RES Penetration and Security of Energy Supply by use of Energy Storages and Heat Pumps in Croatian Energy System; G. Kraja?i? et al.-Goals of EU in using renewable energy and abilities of Croatia in realization of those goals; N.Malbasa.-The key aspects of electricity and natural gas security of supply in Croatia; G. Majstrovi? et al.-Zero Emission Sources of Electricity: Cost, Capacity,
Advantages and Disadvantages; Oksana and Oleg Udovyk.-Analysis of energy options impact on regional security: The Case of Eastern Europe; Oksana and Oleg Udovyk.-Socio-Economic and Energy Development in Ukraine - Problems and Solutions; A. Gorobets.-Advances in small hydropower energy production in Ukraine; I. Winkler.-Securing energy supply at the regional level - the case of wind farming in Germany; J. Monsee et al.- Renewable Energies to Provide Sustainable Development Perspectives for North Africa: The Sahara Wind Project; K. Benhamou.-Renewable Energy Potentials in Serbia with Particular Regard to Forest and Agricultural Biomas; M. Protic et al.-Development of strategic scenarios and optimal structures for sustainable production of biofuels in Slovenia; H. Tokos et al.-Biomass for energy and the impacts on food security; S. Nonhebel.- Changing Energy Production, Emerging Technologies and Regional Security; B. Auffermann and F. Allievi.-Author Index.-
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