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Buch, Englisch, 228 Seiten, Format (B × H): 170 mm x 240 mm, Gewicht: 532 g


Public Goods and Commons

The Foundation for Human Wellbeing

Buch, Englisch, 228 Seiten, Format (B × H): 170 mm x 240 mm, Gewicht: 532 g

ISBN: 978-3-11-113252-5
Verlag: De Gruyter

Humans and human wellbeing depend on the natural resources provided by Planet Earth, and they depend on the solidarity between human beings. That is, on the social resources provided by society. Both types of resources are available to everyone: they are public goods. The book approaches the topic from various angles, including the often-neglected dimension of measuring. It offers a holistic conception that covers the macro- and the micro-economic, the political and the developmental aspects. It shows which range of action is available at different levels of decision-making and which outcomes these may provide. And it emphasizes that a philosophical base is needed for understanding and managing the topic, and that wellbeing can only be improved and the common good can only be maintained if the public and the private sectors cooperate. With the advent of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, this cooperation has received momentum in all its facets and for all levels – from the local to the global. The book is aimed both at scholars and students as well as practitioners in businesses and in public service. In academia, it may serve as a companion to textbooks on, e.g., public finance, sustainable development, social affairs, and public-private partnerships, both in undergraduate and graduate levels. For professionals in businesses and in public service, the book offers an insight into the topic that does not recur to an academic language. There is always a need for books that appeal both to readers who are managers as well as to scholars who wish to glance beyond their adopted profession.
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Introduction Chapter 1: Defining public goods and commons Chapter 2: Typologies of public goods and commons Chapter 3: Sources for providing public goods and commons Chapter 4: Policy making and managing Chapter 5: The global level revisited: Public goods in the SDGs Conclusion: Businesses, individuals and state actors collaborating for public goods and human wellbeing

Dr. Roland Bardy is owner of BardyConsult in Mannheim, Germany, where he mainly engages in management education. Prior to this, he worked at BASF SE, the German multinational, for about thirty years until 1999. Then he took up teaching at Goizueta Business School (Emory University) in Atlanta. He had various other assignments in the U.S., Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, with the last one being Executive Professor at Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers.

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