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Baughman / Valeyre Sarcoidosis

A Clinician's Guide

Erscheinungsjahr 2018, 336 Seiten, Kartoniert, Format (B × H): 188 mm x 234 mm, Gewicht: 680 g
ISBN: 978-0-323-54429-0

Baughman / Valeyre Sarcoidosis

Get a quick, expert overview of the etiology, diagnosis, and management of pulmonary and extra pulmonary sarcoidosis with this concise, practical resource. Drs. Robert B. Baughman and Dominique Valeyre fully cover the recent advances in various aspects of this disease, including new genetic studies and new diagnostic techniques. It's an ideal resource for pulmonologists and respiratory medicine specialists, as well as primary care physicians and pulmonary/respiratory care nurses.

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Section 1: Epidemiology and Causes

1. Epidemiology

2. Environmental/Infectious Cause

3. Immunologic Manifestation

4. Genetics of Sarcoidosis

5. Models of Granulomatous Disease

6. Pathology of Granuloma

Section 2: Diagnosis

7. Diagnosis of Sarcoidosis

8. Role of Bronchoscopy

9. Cardiac Sarcoidosis

10. Neurosarcoidosis

11. Cutaneous Sarcoidosis

12. Ocular Sarcoidosis

13. Other Visceral Organs

14. Parasarcoidosis

Section 3: Monitoring

15. Evaluation of Pulmonary Disease

16. Roentgenogram, CT, and MRI

17. Nuclear imaging

18. Quality of life

19. Biomarkers

Section 4: Treatment and Complications

20. Anti-inflammatory treatment

21. Fatigue and small fiber neuropathy

22. Calcium, vitamin D, Bones

23. Other treatments

24. Pulmonary hypertension

25. Mortality

Baughman, Robert Phillip
Dr. Baughman is Professor of Medicine at the University of Cincinnati. After completing undergraduate training at Yale University, he received his medical degree from Case Western Reserve School of Medicine. He joined the Internal Medicine staff at the University of Cincinnati after completing both an Internal Medicine residency and fellowship training in pulmonary diseases at the University of Cincinnati. His major research interests include: the treatment of sarcoidosis and bronchoalveolar lavage. Along with his long time collaborator Dr. Elyse Lower, he has developed several novel treatments for sarcoidosis, including methotrexate, thalidomide, leflunomide, and infliximab. Current studies include treatments for sarcoidosis associated fatigue and pulmonary hypertension due to sarcoidosis. He is on the editorial board of multiple subspecialty journals, and his publications include over 300 original papers mostly regarding various aspects of sarcoidosis and over 70 review articles and/or book chapters. He has edited several books on sarcoidosis and other interstitial lung diseases. He is on the editorial board of several journals, including American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine and Chest. In addition, Dr. Baughman is the recent editor of books on sarcoidosis, interstitial lung disease, and ventilator associated pneumonia. He has been an active member of World Association of Sarcoidosis and Other Granulomatous Disorders (WASOG) since its inception and is President Emeritus.

Valeyre, Dominique


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