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Biondi / Zambon Accounting and Business Economics

Insights from National Traditions

1. Auflage 2012, 514 Seiten, Gebunden, Format (B × H): 159 mm x 230 mm, Gewicht: 912 g Reihe: Routledge Studies in Accounting
ISBN: 978-0-415-88702-1
Verlag: Taylor & Francis Ltd

Biondi / Zambon Accounting and Business Economics

The recent financial crisis has sparked debates surrounding the nature and role of accounting in informing capital markets and regulatory bodies about the financial performance and position of a firm. These debates have drawn attention to the broader implications of accounting for the economy and society. Accounting and Business Economics brings together leading international scholars to examine the current state of accounting theory and its fundamental connection with the economics and finance of firms, viewing the business entity from not only accounting, but also national, economic, social, political, juridical, anthropological, and moral points of view.

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Part I: Introduction 1. The Genesis of an Academic Discipline: Accounting Theories of the First Half of the Twentieth Century Richard Mattessich Part II: At the Roots of National Traditions of Accounting and Business Economics 2.Accounting and the Business Economics Tradition in Germany Walther Busse von Colbe and Rolf U. Fuelbier 3. Accounting and Economia Aziendale in Italy, 1911 Afterward Arnaldo Canziani 4. The Accounting and Business Economics Traditions in JapanMasatoshi Kuroda and Ellie Okada 5.Accounting and Business Economics in the Netherlands Kees Camfferman 6. Development of Accounting and Business Economics in Finland: From a Practical Discipline to a Scientific Subject and Field of Research Salme Näsi and Juha Näsi 7.Accounting and Business Economics. Traditions in Sweden: A Pragmatic View Sten Jönsson 8. Accounting and Business Economics in Denmark Anne Loft, Jan Mouritsen, and Carsten Rohde 9.Accounting and Business Economics: Emergence and Consolidation as Autonomous Disciplines in Spain Vincente Montesinos 10. The Three Main Schools of the French Financial Accounting Doctrine: A Historical Survey Jacques Richard 11. Accounting and the Absence of a Business Economics Tradition in the United KingdomChristopher Napier 12. Developments in Accounting and Business Economic Thought: Evidence from the United StatesGaren Markarian Part III: Comparative Analyses, Insights and Implications for Accounting and Business Economics 13. Insights on German Accounting Theory Michael Hommel and Stefanie Schmitz 14. Accounting, Economics and Law of the Enterprise Entity: A.C. Littleton and the German-American Connection Yuri Biondi 15. Accounting Relativism: The Unstable Relationship Between Income Measurement and Theories of the Firm: The Case of the Traditions of Italy and the United StatesStefano Zambon and Luca Zan 16. Accounting and Business Economics Traditions in Italy Enrico Vigano 17. Portuguese and Spanish Languages Traditions Esteban Hernandez Esteve 18. Accounting and Business Economics: Understanding the Past to Face the Present and Prepare the Future Stefano Zambon

Biondi, Yuri
Yuri Biondi is tenured researcher at the CNRS (Ecole Polytechnique) and affiliated professor at the CNAM, Paris. His research interests include theory and history of accounting and business economics. He is co-editor of The Firm as an Entity: Implications for Economics, Accounting, and Law (Routledge, 2007).

Zambon, Stefano
Stefano Zambon is full professor of business economics at the University of Ferrara, and visiting professor at Stern School of Business, New York University. He is a leading scholar of accounting and business economics in Europe and author of Locating Accounting in its National Context: The Case of Italy (2002).

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