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Bodiroga-Vukobrat / Sander / Pavelic Personalized Medicine in Healthcare Systems

Legal, Medical and Economic Implications

1. Auflage 2019, Band: 5, 411 Seiten, Kartoniert, Paperback, Format (B × H): 155 mm x 235 mm, Gewicht: 639 g Reihe: Europeanization and Globalization
ISBN: 978-3-030-16467-6
Verlag: Springer International Publishing

Bodiroga-Vukobrat / Sander / Pavelic Personalized Medicine in Healthcare Systems

This book gathers scientific contributions on comprehensive approaches to personalized medicine. In a systematic and clear manner, it provides extensive information on the methodological, technological, and clinical aspects of high-throughput analytics, nanotechnology approaches, microbiota/human interactions, in-vitro fertilization and preimplantation, and various diseases like cancer.Moreover, the book analyzes the social and legal aspects of social security systems, healthcare systems and EU law – e.g. the role of solidarity, regulatory possibilities and obstacles, justice and equality, privacy/disclosure of data, and the right to know – from an interdisciplinary perspective. Lastly, it explores the economical and ethical context in the fields of business models, intellectual property issues, the patient/physician relationship, and price discrimination.



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Part I.- Introduction.- Options for Realising and Financing Innovation in the German Healthcare System.- Clinical Evaluation of Medical Devices in Europe.- Personalized Medicine: Cutting Edge Developments.- Part II.- Methodological and Technological Aspects Important for Personalised Medicine.- Nanotechnology Approaches for Autologous Stem Cell Manipulation in Personalized Regenerative Medicine.- Patient-Doctor Relationship: Data Protection in the Context of Personalised Medicine.- High-Throughput Analytics in the Function of Personalized Medicine.- Bacteria-Human Interactions: Leads for Personalized Medicine.- Present and Future in Personalized Clinical and Laboratory Approaches to In Vitro Fertilization Procedures..- Microbiota: Novel Gateway Towards Personalised Medicine.- The Right Not to Know in the Context of Genetic Testing.- Part III.- Social and Humanistic Aspects of Personal Medicine.- Personalized Medicine, Justice and Equality.- Evolution Paths of Business Models in Personalized Medicine.- Socio-Humanistic and Political Context of Personalized Medicine.- Personalized Medicine and Personalized Pricing: Degrees of Price Discrimination.- Personalised Medicine in Health Care Systems and EU Law: The Role of Solidarity?. Personalizing Privacy? Examining the Shifting Boundaries of a Fundamental Right in Preimplantation Genetic Testing of Embryos.- (Bio)ethical Aspects of Personalised Medicine: Revealing an "Inconvenient Truth"?.- Patient-Physician Relationship in Personalized Medicine.- Barriers Towards New Medicine: Personalized and Integrative Medicine Concepts.- The Reverse Payment Settlements in the European Pharmaceutical Market.- Doping in Sports: Legal and Other Aspects.- Personalised Medicine in Public Healthcare Systems.- Part IV.- Clinical Aspects of Personalised Medicine.- Targeted Breast Cancer Therapy.- Personalized Medicine in Ophthalmology: Treatment of Total Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency with Autologous Ex Vivo Cultivated Limbal Epithelial Stem Cell Graft.- Personalized Total Knee Arthroplasty: Better Fit for Better Function.- Comprehensive Approach to Personalized Medicine into Chronic Musculoskeletal Diseases.- Circadian Rhythms and Personalized Melanoma Therapy.- Genetic and Epigenetic Profiling in Personalized Medicine: Advances in Treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia.- The Future of Cartilage Repair.

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