Bozarth Better Than Bullet Points: Creating Engaging E-Learning with PowerPoint

2. Auflage 2013, 320 Seiten, Kartoniert, Format (B × H): 201 mm x 231 mm, Gewicht: 567 g
ISBN: 978-1-118-67427-7

Bozarth Better Than Bullet Points: Creating Engaging E-Learning with PowerPoint

Featuring a complete update of the previous edition to reflect the new and expanded tools of PowerPoint 2013. By providing in-depth guidance, specific instructions, and helpful exercises, the book helps everyday trainers to create potent e-learning through the readily available popular desktop application. Established expert Jane Bozarth guides readers through the powerful new and updated features of the soon-to-be-released 2013 version, covering everything from text to art, animation to interactivity. If you have PowerPoint, this book will immediately put free real-world tools in your hands. Also features many online tools, including relevant technical design elements from older PowerPoint versions as well as a wealth of additional tools, templates, and examples.

Chapter One: Creating E-Learning with PowerPoint
Chapter Two: It's About Design, Not Software

Chapter Three: The Graphic User Interface and Course Architecture

Chapter Five: Creating and Editing Art
Chapter Six: Animation
Chapter Seven: Interactivity
Chapter Eight: Add-Ons, Blending, Performance Support, and Job Aids
Chapter Nine: Adding Narration and Multimedia

Chapter Ten: Saving, Uploading, and Distributing
Appendix: PowerPoint Basics
References and Other Sources
Other Resources


Weitere Infos & Material

Website Contents vii

List of Figures and Tables xi

Acknowledgments xxiii

Introduction xxv



Chapter 1

Creating e-Learning with PowerPoint 3

Examples 4

Let's Get Started 10

Versions 11

One More Thing 15

Next Step: It's About Design, Not Software 15

Chapter 2

It's About Design, Not Software 17

Who Are Your Learners? 17

Objectives and Strategies 18

Cognitive Load 23

About mLearning 27

Choosing a Treatment 30

Writer's Block? 33

Can You Find a Story? 34

From Classroom to Online: Think "Transform," Not "Transfer" 37

Cut-n-Chunk 37

What's Working? What's Not? 38

Inventory Your Assets 38

Why Storyboard? 41

Types of Storyboards 42

Next Stop: The program Interface and Architecture 46



Chapter 3

Graphic User Interface and Course Architecture 51

Graphic User Interface 52

GUI Basics 53

Learner Control: Some Decisions 57

Navigation Tools and Action Buttons 57

Eye Movement and Placement of Items 62

Building the GUI 66

Architecture 76

Next Stop: Designing for Impact 79

Chapter 4

Designing for Impact 81

Use Graphics with Soul 81

Blunders 92

Text 98

Next Stop: Creating and Editing Art 100

Chapter 5

Creating and Editing Art 101

Bitmap or Vector? 101

Working with Shapes and ClipArt 103

Editing Photos in PowerPoint 115

MS Paint 119

File Size: Compressing Images 124

New Horizons 125

Next Stop: Animation 126

Chapter 6

Animation 127

Animation Basics 129

Animations That Teach 133

Next Stop: Interactivity 153

Chapter 7

Interactivity 155

It's All About Hyperlinking 156

Quizzes--Some Shaped Like Games 162

Linking to External Games and Quizzes 181

Simulations 187

Case Studies and Stories 195

The Skinny on Hyperlinking 200

What About "Gamification"? 201

Mazes 202

Treasure Hunts 205

About Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 206

Next Stop: Add-Ons, Blending, Performance

Support, and Job Aids 207

Chapter 8

Add-Ons, Blending, Performance Support, and Job Aids 209

Other Documents 209

Site Samplers 210

Add-On Software 211

"Blending" 214

Performance Support, Job Aids, and the Nice to Know 215

Next Stop: Adding Narration and Multimedia 224

Chapter 9

Adding Narration and Multimedia 225

Adding Narration 225

Adding Sound Effects and Music 229

Adding Video 234

Next Stop: Saving, Uploading, and Distributing

Your Program 240



Chapter 10

Distributing Your e-Learning Program 243

Saving and Uploading Your Files 245

Tracking 251

Test, Test, Test--and Launch! 255

Summary 258

Appendix: PowerPoint Basics 261

References and Other Sources 273

Other Resources 277

Index 279

About the Author 287

Bozarth, Jane
Jane Bozarth is the e-learning coordinator with the North Carolina Office of State Personnel's Human Resources Development Group. She is the author of e-Learning Solutions on a Shoestring, From Analysis to Evaluation, and Social Media for Trainers. She can be contacted through her website

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