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#BRokenPromises, Black Deaths, & Blue Ribbons

Understanding, Complicating, and Transcending Police-Community Violence

Erscheinungsjahr 2018, Band: 128, 130 Seiten, Kartoniert, Format (B × H): 150 mm x 231 mm, Gewicht: 236 g Reihe: Transgressions: Cultural Studi
ISBN: 978-90-04-37871-1

#BRokenPromises, Black Deaths, & Blue Ribbons

Many urban centres are shaken to their core with mistrust between communities and law enforcement. Erosion was exacerbated in the Obama-era, intensified during the 2016 campaign, and is violently manifested in Trump’s presidency. The promise of uniting communities articulated by leaders lays broken. The text suggests that promise of prosperous and engaged urban citizenry will remain broken until we can honestly address the following unanswered questions: What factors contribute to the creation of divided communities? What happened to erode trust between community and law enforcement? What concerns and challenges do law enforcement officials have relating to policing within urban centres? What are the experiences of residents and police? And, finally, whose lives really matter, and how do we move forward?

Contributors are: Lawrence Baines, Amber C. Bryant, Erica L. Bumpers, Issac Carter, Justin A. Cole, Erin Dreeszen, Jaquial Durham, Antonio Ellis, Idara Essien, Jeffrey M. Frank, Beatriz Gonzalez, Aaron J. Griffen, Jennie L. Hanna, Diane M. Harnek Hall, Cleveland Hayes, Deanna Hayes-Wilson, Stacey Hill, Jim L. Hollar, Taharee A. Jackson, Melinda Jackson-Jefferson, Sharon D. Jones-Eversley, Stephen M. Lentz, Patricia Maloney, Isiah Marshall, Jr., Derrick McKisick, Rebecca Neal, Ariel Quinio, Jacqueline M. Rhoden-Trader, Derrick Robinson, Ebony B. Rose, Randa Suleiman, Clarice Thomas, Kerri J. Tobin, Eddie Vanderhorst, Rolanda L. Ward, Deondra Warner, John Williams, Deleon M. Wilson, Geoffrey L. Wood, Jemimah L. Young, and Jie Yu.

Weitere Infos & Material

Black Bodies, Blue Ribbons: An Introduction

Kenneth J. Fasching-Varner, Kerri J. Tobin and Stephen M. Lentz

1. The Jim Crow Effect on Federal Policy and Practice: Social Engineering and the Making of Metropolis in Black and White

Issac Carter, Beatriz Gonzalez and Cleveland Hayes

2. The Costs of Whistling, Orange Juice, and Skittles: An Anti-Black Examination of the Extrajudicial Killings of Black Youth

Justin A. Coles

3. The Myth of Post-Emancipation: Utilizing the 1857 Dred Scott Decision and the 2017 Chicago Department of Justice Report to Examine Hyper-Policing, Black Freedom, and Strategies for Resistance

Ebony Rose

4. East vs. West: The Industrious and Inconsistent Rising of Buffalo, New York

Roland L. Ward and Isiah Marshall Jr

5. Historical Categorical Inequality: The Creation of Two Segregated Cities within an Urban Centre

Geoffrey L. Wood

6. Segregation Then, Segregation Now: A Tale of Two Cities within One Urban Area

Melinda Jackson-Jefferson and Deondra Warner

7. The Double Penalty: How School and Neighborhood Segregation Affects Racial Conflict

Patricia Maloney

8. All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

Deanna Hayes-Wilson

9. The Contested New Territory: Integration and Dissatisfaction

Ariel Quinio

10. Cranes, Cones, and Invisible Walls: How Zip Codes, Economic Development, and Housing Patterns Strengthen Segregation

Derrick Robinson
11. Fighting the Powers That Be: Examining Conflicting Dual Legitimate Powers Operative in Urban America

Sharon D. Jones-Eversley, Diane M. Harnek Hall and Jacqueline M. Rhoden-Trader

12. The Decreasing Value of Labor in the Modern Age Broken Promise: Black Deaths and Blue Ribbons

Derrick D. McKisick

13. A Tale of Two Cities: A Divide of White and Black Non-Unification

Erica L. Bumpers

14. Living in a Warzone

Jaquial Durham

15. Police Brutality in North Charleston, South Carolina: Somebody Has to Say Something

Antonio L. Ellis and Eddie Vanderhorst

16. An Inspired Protest: Notes from Baton Rouge 2016 Protests

Deleon M. Wilson

17. We Don’t Want No Trouble: Inspiring White Accomplices and Solidarity in the Age of All Lives Matter

Taharee A. Jackson

18. On the Frontlines: The Role of Social Media in the Charlotte Protests

Tiffany Hollis

19. Truths We Don’t Share

Erin Dreeszen

20. Under-Educated and Over-Adjudicated

Jemimah L. Young

21. The Role of Faith in Advocating for Black Minds

Rebecca A. Neal and Idara Essien

22. Blacklivesmatter, But Only So Much? Evaluating Per Pupil Expenditures in Two Detroit Metropolitan School Districts

Amber C. Bryant

23. Us Versus Them: Charter Schools, Vouchers, and the New Segregation

Lawrence Baines, Jennie Hanna and Stacey Hill

24. Policing the School

Kerri J. Tobin and Stephen M. Lentz

25. The Hardened Heart

Jeff Frank

26. Alternatives to Over Utilizing Law Enforcement in Our Schools: Hearing from Administrators & Teachers in Milwaukee County Schools

Randa Suleiman and Jim Hollar

27. Education, Economics & Segregation in Baton Rouge

John Williams, III, Amber C. Bryant and Chance W. Lewis

28. What Does It Mean to be United?

Clarice Thomas and Martha Donovan

29. Wounds and Band-Aids in a Divided Society

Jie Yu

30. White Matters

Aaron J. Griffen

Fasching-Varner, Kenneth J.
Kenneth J. Fasching-Varner, Ph.D. (2009), The Ohio State University, is the Shirely B. Barton Endowed Associate Professor of Education at Louisiana State University. He has published many articles, books, and book chapters addressing race and racial equity, including Trayvon Martin, Race, and American Justice: Writing Wrong (Sense, 2014).

Kerri J. Tobin, Ph.D. (2011), Vanderbilt University, is Assistant Professor of Education at Louisiana State University. She has published numerous articles, books, and book chapters on homelessness and social justice, including Homelessness Comes To School (Corwin Press, 2011).

Stephen M. Lenz, J.D. (2002), Syracuse University, is Instructor of Paralegal Studies at Baton Rouge Community College. Lentz is a former Assistant District Attorney in Luzerne County Pennsylvania, as well as a classroom teacher in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and New York.


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