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Cassens / Tsenov / Kollányi Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Public Health in Europe

Anthology on the Occasion of the Arteria Danubia Project

1. Auflage 2022, 223 Seiten, Kartoniert, Book, Format (B × H): 168 mm x 240 mm Reihe: FOM-Edition
ISBN: 978-3-658-33739-1
Verlag: Springer

Cassens / Tsenov / Kollányi Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Public Health in Europe

In recent decades, policymakers all over the world have sought to strengthen the meaning and effect of public, non-medical healthcare. This publication is the result of the research initiation project »Arteria Danubia ? Analysis and Discussion on the Implementation of Model Health Regions in the Upper and Lower Reaches of the Danube« (2017 to 2019), which focused on healthcare in Bulgaria, Germany and Hungary. In this book, researchers from the participating universities and organizations explore the topic of public health in all its facets: How can public policy and education influence people’s health? How are lifestyle-related diseases to be avoided? And how best to implement digital healthcare solutions?



Weitere Infos & Material

Part I - Focus Public Health: Missing health political opportunities due to a lack of nutritional behaviour acceptance.- The Importance of Research-Based Learning as a Didactic Necessity in German Public Health Degree Programs.- Community based health promotion for senior citizens - what we can learn from South Korean Model of Senior Centers.- The Impact of Health Literacy on the Healthcare System.- Tertiary prevention and After-Care for Cancer Patients in a Hotel Setting.- Health conferences in Germany, Austria and France. An Overview.- Vaccination Coverage and Attitudes - Ethical Aspects as Challenges in Combatting Measles along the Danube.- Lessons from the creation and failure of two regional cooperation models in the Hungarian health system.- Occupational Health Management as Central Element in Combating Social and Regional Health Inequalities.- Part II - Focus Medicine: Use and significance of expert medical advice on the Internet: results of an online survey among users of German-language health portals.- A source data verification based data quality analysis within the network of a German comprehensive cancer center.- The National Decade Against Cancer 2019-2029: Contents of the initiative and some critical thoughts.- Part III - Focus Digitalization: A Comprehensive Method for Multi-criteria Evaluation of Health Regions.- The Commercial Value of Health-Related Data - an Empirical Study.- Health apps in the area of conflict between state regulation and IT architectures.- Acceptance analysis and ELSI-Aspects of sensor-based care-management: certain results from a qualitative study adressing dehydration management.

Cassens, Manfred
Manfred Cassens, corresponding author, is full-time professor at the FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie und Management at the Munich University Centre. He is also Director of the Institute for Health & Social Affairs (ifgs).Zsófia Katalin Kollányi is doctoral lecturer at the Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Social Sciences.Alexandar Tsenov is dean of the German Faculty at the Technical University of Sofia.

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