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Dankbaar / Schenk / Groenewegen Perspectives in Industrial Organization

1990, Band: 13, 314 Seiten, Gebunden, HC runder Rücken kaschiert, Format (B × H): 160 mm x 241 mm, Gewicht: 1410 g Reihe: Studies in Industrial Organization
ISBN: 978-0-7923-0814-0
Verlag: Springer Netherlands

Dankbaar / Schenk / Groenewegen Perspectives in Industrial Organization

This book contains the key-note lectures and a selection of papers that were presented at the 15th Conference of the European Association for Research in Industrial Econo­ mics (EARlE) held under the auspices of GRASP at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1988, plus an introductory chapter by the Editors. Upon suggestions by the Editors, all papers have been revised for this book, some more extensively than others. Robin Marris has added to his lecture a synopsis of the contributions to the Round Table on the Micro-Macro Interface which he chaired during the Conference. The papers cover issues that seem to be both interesting and relevant for the 1990s. While some of the papers are cast in a rather established research frame -enabling the use of regular academic routines - others are first attempts at delineating the contours of areas that are peripheral to what is often considered as the core of Industrial Organization. In their introductory chapter, the Editors set forth that a neglect of those areas may well relegate Industrial Organization to social irrelevancy. Therefore, it is hoped that the book will also contribute to a reflection on the main lines of Industrial Organization research for the 1990s -thus helping to create a healthy perspective for this part of economics at a time when macroeconomics is undergoing a severe crisis.



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1. Recent economic developments and the prospects of industrial organization.- I Assessing Industrial Economics.- 2. On market theory.- 3. Some challenges for industrial economics.- 4. Neoclassical models of industrial organization: an assessment and comparison with alternative perspectives.- II Aspects of Internationalization.- 5. Industrial organization and trade modelling: the case of Canada/U.S. free trade.- 6. Export price, demand disturbances, and market structure.- 7. R&D innovation and trade performance.- III Innovation Strategies and Technological Development.- 8. Learning patterns within a technological network: the case of the European space program.- 9. Innovation in advanced materials: technological opportunities, innovative processes, effects on the industrial structure.- 10. Strategic partnering and technological co-operation.- IV Mergers, Acquisitions and Competition Policy.- 11. International mergers: the pursuit of global market leadership?.- 12. Merger policy and small open economies: the case of Canada.- 13. Innovations and antitrust.- V Institutional and Structural Change.- 14. Assessing structural change: the case of Austria.- 15. The impact of privatization on the performance of the UK public sector.- 16. Productivity, machinery and skills: clothing manufacturing in Britain and Germany.- Contributors.

Groenewegen, John
Hans Schenk - after studying economics and business administration at the universities of Nyenrode, Amsterdam, Oregon and Leuven, professor Schenk took his PhD at the university of Nice-Sophia Antipolis in France. He taught economics and business at various universities in the Netherlands (e.g. in Groningen and Rotterdam) and abroad (e.g. in Beijing and Strasbourg) and was professor of Industrial Policy and Corperate Strategy at Tilburg University before coming to Utrecht as professor of Organisational Economics in 2002. A year later, he became director of the Tjalling Koopmans Research Institute. Schenk has advised numerous firms and governments and specialises in mergers and acquisitions and competitiveness policy.

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