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David Disasters and Accidents in Manned Spaceflight

1. Auflage. 2000, 470 Seiten, Kartoniert, Paperback, Format (B × H): 178 mm x 254 mm, Gewicht: 1910 g Reihe: Space Exploration
ISBN: 978-1-85233-225-9
Verlag: Springer

David Disasters and Accidents in Manned Spaceflight

Here, Dave Shayler examines the hurdles faced by space crews as they prepare and embark on space missions. Divided into six parts, the text opens with the fateful, tragic mission of the Challenger crew in 1986. This is followed by a review of the risks that accompany every space trip and the unique environment in which the space explorer lives and works. The next four sections cover the four parts of any space flight (training, launch, in-flight and recovery) and present major historical incidents in each case. The final section looks at the next forty years beyond the Earth's atmosphere, beginning with the International Space Station and moving on to the difficulties inherent in a manned exploration of Mars.




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Section 1 - The Race for Space: A Launch Pad to Knowledge. The Risk Factor - danger and safety theory. Hostile Environment - vacuum/pressure/acceleration/volatile fuels/zero-g/human factors. Stratospheric pioneers - manned balloon, high altitude parachute descents, rocket sledge tests. The making of the Right Stuff: X plane flying accidents. 1960 Nedelin Explosion: Dangers of cryogenics. Case History: X-15 Accident November 1967. Section 1 Summary.- Section 2 - Training For Space: Overview. Case History: Apollo 1 Pad Fire January 1967. Section 2 Summary.- Section 3 - Launch to Space: Overview. Case History: Soyuz Launch Aborts 1975 and 1983. Case History: STS-25 (51L) Launch Explosion 1986. Section 3 Summary.- Section 4 - Survival in Space: Overview. Case History: Gemini 8 Docking Incident 1966. Case History: Apollo 13 Explosion 1970. Case Histoy: Mir - Fire and a collision 1997. Section 4 Summary.- Section 5 - Return from Space: Overview. Case History: Soyuz 1 Landing Accident 1967. Case History: Soyuz 11 Decompression 1971. Section 5 Summary.- Section 6 - The Future: ISS - Space Complex with a Complex Problem. Return to Moon. Mars. Further Out. Section 6 Summary.- Conclusions:The Lessons Learnt.- End Papers Appendix: Supporting Tables. Glossary. Chronological Bibliography. List of Photos and Illustrations. Index.

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