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Fröhlich The Emergence of Russian Contitutionalism 1900-1904

The Relationship Between Social Mobilization and Political Group Formation in Pre-revolutionary Russia

1981, Band: 4, 350 Seiten, Kartoniert, Paperback, Format (B × H): 155 mm x 235 mm, Gewicht: 552 g Reihe: Studies in Social History
ISBN: 978-94-009-8886-6
Verlag: Springer Netherlands

Fröhlich The Emergence of Russian Contitutionalism 1900-1904

My interest in the topic of this book traces back over more than ten years to my interest in the history of political parties in pre­ revolutionary Russia. To my late tutor Professor Reinhard Wittram, who guided me during my undergraduate and post-graduate days as a student at the University of Gottingen, lowe a special gratitude for giving my iiJ.terest its special focus. I. am indebted to him for my academic training more than this book may indicate. He did not see the results of his influence, but he followed my preparatory work with both sympathy and critical attention. My thanks are due equally to Professors Hans Roos (Bochum) and Rudolf Vierhaus (Gbttingen), whose constant advice and help meant continued encouragement. I am further obliged to Professors Dietrich Geyer (Tiibingen) and Hans Kaiset (Oldenburg) and their critical reading of the 1973 draft of my book. In 1977/78, during my revision of the manuscript and its preparation for publication, the most im­ portant suggestions came to me from many discussions deep into the night with my friend Jurgen Jahnke. To the many others whose names do not appear here lowe my thanks for their help and encouragement.




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One. The Social-Economic Crisis on the Eve of the 20th Century and the Political Mobilization of Society.- 1. Economic crisis and erosion of the governmental system.- 2. Social mobilization and political opposition.- 3. Economic crisis and erosion of social loyalty.- Two. Towards a Constitutionalist Programme.- 1. Political theory and social change.- 2. The origins of the periodical Osvobozhdenie.- 3. The first constitutionalist programme.- Three. Constitutionalism in the 'Public Movement' 1900-1904.- 1. Institutions and contacts of the 'Public Movement'.- a. Personal contacts, salons and circles.- b. The Beseda.- c. Journalism and the press.- d. Voluntary associations and interregional congresses.- e. The zemstvo movement.- f. The zemstvo movement and the 'Special conference on the needs of agriculture'.- 2. The problems of informal organization.- 3. The transition to formal organization.- Conclusion.- 1. Social structure.- 2. Organizational development.- 3. Strategy and tactics.- Appendices.- I. Biographical sketches.- II. Members of the Union of Liberation, 1904-1905.- III. Regional distribution of constitutionalist groups.- Notes.

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