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Gebelein / Koblitz Biomedical and Dental Applications of Polymers

1981, Band: 14, 492 Seiten, Gebunden, Book, Format (B × H): 178 mm x 254 mm, Gewicht: 1179 g Reihe: Polymer Science and Technology
ISBN: 978-0-306-40632-4
Verlag: Springer, Berlin

Gebelein / Koblitz Biomedical and Dental Applications of Polymers

The development and use of medical and dental materials are highly interdisciplinary endeavors which require expertise in chemistry, materials science, medicine and/or dentistry, mechanics and design engineering. The Symposium upon which this treatise is based was organized to bring members from these communities together to explore problems of mutual interest. The biomaterials which are used in medical or dental prostheses must not only exhibit structural stability and provide the desired function, but they must also perform over extended periods of time in the environment of the body. The latter is a very stringent requirement. The oral and other physiological environments are designed by nature to break down many organic substances. Also of importance is the requirement that materials used in the prosthesis not have a deleterious effect on body tissues. Most foreign (to the body) substances are somewhat toxic to human tissues; in fact, few factors are more limiting in the medical prosthesis field than the biocompatibility problem. Some of these problems and the attempts to solve them are discussed in this volume.



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Section I General Biomaterial Applications of Polymers.- Biomedical Polymers in Theory and Practice.- Selected Examples of Pathologic Processes Associated with Human Polymeric Implants.- The Status of Olefin-SO2 Copolymers as Biomaterials.- Temporary Skin Substitute from Non-Antigenic Dextran Hydrogel.- Biomedical Applications of Poly(Amido-Amines).- Covalent Bonding of Collagen and Acrylic Polymers.- Glow Discharge Polymer Coated Oxygen Sensors.- Section II Cardiovascular Applications of Polymers.- Progress and Problems in Blood-Compatible Polymers.- Biolized Material for Cardiac Prosthesis.- Plastic Materials Used for Fabrication of Blood Pumps.- Tissue Cultured Cells: Potential Blood Compatible Linings for Cardiovascular Prostheses.- Elastomeric Vascular Prostheses.- Morphology of Block Copolyurethanes. II. FTIR and ESCA Techniques for Studying Surface Morphology.- Section III Applications of Polymers in Medication.- Polymeric Drugs Containing 5-Fluorouracil and/or 6-Methylthiopurine. Chemotherapeutic Polymers. XI.- Polymeric Drugs: Effects of Polyvinyl Analogs of Nucleic Acids on Cells, Animals and Their Viral Infections.- Organometallic Polymers as Drugs and Drug Delivery Systems.- Polythiosemicarbazides as Antimicrobial Polymers.- The Biochemical Properties of Carrier-Bound Methotrexate.- Esterolytic Action of Water-Soluble Imidazole Containing Polymers.- Hydrolytic Degradation of Poly DL-(Lactide).- Applications of Polymers in Rate-Controlled Drug Delivery.- Section IV Dental Materials Applications of Polymers.- Dental Polymers.- Polymer Developments in Organic Dental Materials.- Limiting Hardness of Polymer/Ceramic Composites.- New Monomers for Use in Dentistry.- The Synthesis of Fluorinated Acrylics Via Fluoro Tertiary Alcohols.- The Nature of the Crosslinking Matrix Found in Dental Composite Filling Materials and Sealants.- The Dental Plastics in the Future of Fixed Prosthodontics.- Initiator-Accelerator Systems for Acrylic Resins and Composites.- The Application of Photochemistry to Dental Materials.- Ionic Polymer Gels in Dentistry.- Adsorption and Ionic Crosslinking of Polyelectrolytes.- Effects of Microstructure on Compressive Fatigue of Composite Restorative Materials.- Wear of Dental Restorative Resins.- Friction and Wear of Dental Polymeric Composite Restoratives.- List of Contributors.


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