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Gerson / Colletta Privatizing Peace: From Conflict to Security

Erscheinungsjahr 2001, 219 Seiten, Gebunden, Gewicht: 481 g
ISBN: 978-1-57105-147-9

Gerson / Colletta Privatizing Peace: From Conflict to Security

Privatizing Peace: From Conflict to Security pinpoints the weaknesses in the numerous peacekeeping missions of recent decades, as well as the blind spots in the thinking that guided them. Even more significantly, they clearly demonstrate the ways in which well-meaning stabilization and reconstruction programs fail to accommodate the economic and social imperatives of war-torn societies.

But this visionary work is not merely an indictment of First World myopia in the face of Third World devastation. The authors offer cogent, well-thought-out recommendations, firmly grounded in current reality, with a powerful determination to avoid the repetition of past mistakes.

Published under the Transnational Publishers imprint.

Weitere Infos & Material

Acknowledgments v; Preface ix; Introduction xi; Chapter 1 - The Changing Face of Armed Conflict; Chapter 2 -Redefining Partnership: Toward a Unified Field Approach; Chapter 3 - The Private Sector: Problem or Panacea?;
Chapter 4 Investing in War-Torn Societies: Not Business as Usual; Chapter 5 -The Management of Political Risk; Chapter 6 - The United Nations: Global Leadership and the Agenda for Peace; Chapter 7 - Privatizing Security: A Double-Edged Sword; Chapter 8 - Humanitarian Assistance: Saving Lives and Distorting Markets;
Chapter 9 Bridging Relief and Development: The Changing Role of NGOs and the Emergence of the Global Civil Society Movement; Chapter 10 - Public-Private-Civil Society Partnerships: The New Peacebuilding Trilogy; Chapter 11 - Revisiting “Nation-Building”; Chapter 12 - The New Corporate Social Responsibility:

Peacebuilding; Chapter 13 - The Peace Transitions Council: Steps Toward a New Global Architecture of Peace;
Conclusion; Annexes; Index;

Colletta, Nat
Dr. Allan Gerson and Dr. Nat Colletta are Co-Directors of the Institute for Peacebuilding and Development at George Washington University.

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