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Gomes EMS in Crime Scene

Role of Medical Emergency Teams in Forensic Cases

Erscheinungsjahr 2021, 220 Seiten, Kartoniert, Format (B × H): 226 mm x 153 mm, Gewicht: 368 g
ISBN: 978-0-12-824420-3
Verlag: Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc

Gomes EMS in Crime Scene

EMS in Crime Scene: Role of Medical Emergency Teams in Forensic Cases addresses the different settings that occur in pre-hospital environments, along with the medical-forensic relevance surrounding evidence preservation. The book identifies the main difficulties in this subject to promote proper intervention. The main role of EMS will always be medical assistance, but it is also their job to ensure their safety, the safety of the victim and the protection of the local scene. This means of preserving evidence, even though it is an ancillary activity and is not meant to compromise care of the victim, is an important role of EMS.

The objective of preserving where a crime has occurred is, from the outset, to keep the environment as unchanged as possible, that is, not to move and/or subtract objects from their original position (even if it is a firearm) and not to add elements that were not present at the scene, such as shoe trail marks, earth, hair strands, cigarette butts, etc.

- Presents how to identify and preserve a crime scene
- Covers how to avoid contaminating the victim or crime scene evidence
- Reviews how to document the facts in a way that protects both the victim and the medical emergency team

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Chapter 1 Emergency and urgency: concepts and evolution

Chapter 2 Criminal investigation historical aspects

Chapter 3 Physiopathology of death

Chapter 4 Violent death

Chapter 5 Violent death in emergency department and prehospital

Chapter 6 Evidences with medical-legal relevance

Chapter 7 Crime scene

Chapter 8 Criminal investigation

Chapter 9 Intervention protocols

Chapter 10 Intervention in the preservation and collection of evidences

Chapter 11 Forensic artifacts

Chapter 12 911 call center

Chapter 13 Documentation in forensic cases

Chapter 14 Intra- and extra-hospital material for preservation and collection of evidences

Chapter 15 Final considerations

Gomes, Albino Manuel
Albino Manuel Gomes is a Forensic Nurse Examiner in APEFORENSE, Lisbon, Portugal.


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