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Hameurlain / Cicchetti / Traunmüller Database and Expert Systems Applications

13th International Conference, DEXA 2002, Aix-en-Provence, France, September 2-6, 2002. Proceedings

2002. 2002, Band: 2453, 954 Seiten, Kartoniert, Book, Format (B × H): 155 mm x 235 mm, Gewicht: 1230 g Reihe: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
ISBN: 978-3-540-44126-7
Verlag: Springer, Berlin

Hameurlain / Cicchetti / Traunmüller Database and Expert Systems Applications

th 2002 DEXA, the 13 International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications was held on September 2–6, 2002, at the Université Aix–Marseille II, France. The quickly growing field of information systems required the establishment of more specialized discussion platforms (the DaWaK conference, EC-Web conference, eGOV conference and DEXA workshops), and there were held in parallel with DEXA, also in Aix-en-Provence. The resulting book was prepared with great effort. Starting with the preparation of submitted papers, the papers went through the reviewing process. The accepted papers were revised to final versions by their authors and arranged to the conference program. This year 241 papers were submitted and our thanks go to all who have contributed. The program committee and the supporting reviewers produced altogether about 730 referee reports, on average three reports per paper, and selected 89 papers for presentation. The papers presented here encompass the extensive domain of databases; together with the other conferences and workshops of the DEXA event cluster a vast part of applied computer science was covered. In this way DEXA has blazed the trail. At this point we would like to acknowledge to all institutions which actively supported this conference and made it possible. These are: • IUT (Université Aix – Marseille II), • FAW, • DEXA Association, • the Austrian Computer Society, • and Microsoft Research



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'Invited Talk.- Issues in Monitoring Web Data.- Web I.- Controlled Caching of Dynamic WWW Pages.- Deriving and Verifying Statistical Distribution of a Hyperlink-Based Web Page Quality Metric.- MWM: Retrieval and Automatic Presentation of Manual Data for Mobile Terminals.- Ensuring Recovery for SACReD Web Transactions in the E-commerce Applications.- Workflow.- Workflow Simulation across Multiple Workflow Domains.- Transactional Workflows or Workflow Transactions?.- Collaboration Flow Management: A New Paradigm for Virtual Team Support.- Domain Knowledge-Based Automatic Workflow Generation.- Web II.- A Comparison of Alternative Encoding Mechanisms for Web Services.- Capturing Semantics in HTML Documents.- Data Warehouses and Datamining I.- Assessment of Spatial Data Mining Tools for Integration into an Object-Oriented GIS (GIDB).- A Model and a Toolkit for Supporting Incremental Data Warehouse Construction.- Efficient Automated Mining of Fuzzy Association Rules.- Applications I.- A Two-Phase Stock Trading System Using Distributional Differences.- A Multi-agent Q-learning Framework for Optimizing Stock Trading Systems.- Using Adaptive Programming in Legal Advisory Systems.- Web Information Retrieval Based on the Localness Degree.- Data Warehouses and Datamining II.- Run-Time Load Balancing System on SAN-connected PC Cluster for Dynamic Injection of CPU and Disk Resource -A Case Study of Data Mining Application -.- Variable Sized Partitions for Range Query Algorithms.- A Comparison of Data Warehouse Development Methodologies Case Study of the Process Warehouse.- Self-maintainable Data Warehouse Views Using Differential Files.- Applications II.- Using ECA Rules in Database Systems to Support Clinical Protocols.- Establishment of Virtual Enterprise Contracts.- Multiple Regression Analysis in Crime Pattern Warehouse for Decision Support.- A Practical Walkthrough of the Ontology Derivation Rules.- XML.- What's Hard about XML Schema Constraints?.- Application of rUID in Processing XML Queries on Structure and Keyword.- Translating Access Authorizations for Transformed XML Documents.- XRL: A XML-based Query Language for Advanced Services in Digital Libraries.- Applications III.- Norma-System: A Legal Document System for Managing Consolidated Acts.- Electricity Market Price Forecasting: Neural Networks versus Weighted-Distance k Nearest Neighbours.- Temporal Pattern Mining of Moving Objects for Location-Based Service.- Distributed Systems I.- MEDWRAP: Consistent View Maintenance over Distributed Multi-relation Sources.- Estimating Costs of Path Expression Evaluation in Distributed Object Databases.- Profile Driven Data Management for Pervasive Environments.- Applications IV.- INVISIP: Usage of Information Visualization Techniques to Access Geospatial Data Archives.- Eureka!: A Tool for Interactive Knowledge Discovery.- Electronic Tickets on Contactless Smartcard Database.- Distributed Systems II.- Mobile Agents for Distributed Transactions of a Distributed Heterogeneous Database System.- An Adaptive Direction-Based Location Update Scheme for Next Generation PCS Networks.- ADEES: An Adaptable and Extensible Event Based Infrastructure.- Knowledge Engineering I.- Using J-Pruning to Reduce Overfitting of Classification Rules in Noisy Domains.- A Framework for Reasoning on Objects with Geometric Constraints.- Deriving Abstract Views of Multi-granularity Temporal Constraint Networks.- Representing Constraint Business Rules Extracted from Legacy Systems.- Knowledge Engineering II.- Agents for Industry Process Management.- A New Efficient Data Cleansing Method.- Promoting Recommendations: An Attack on Collaborative Filtering.- Advanced Databases I.- Bringing Together Description Logics and Database in an Object Oriented Model.- Objects and Roles in the Stack-Based Approach.- Dynamic Schema Evolution Management Using Version in Temporal Object-Orie


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