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Hofmann / Perry Management Mistakes in Healthcare

Identification, Correction, and Prevention

Erscheinungsjahr 2015, 272 Seiten, Gebunden, HC gerader Rücken kaschiert, Format (B × H): 175 mm x 250 mm, Gewicht: 659 g
ISBN: 978-0-521-82900-7
Verlag: Cambridge University Press

Hofmann / Perry Management Mistakes in Healthcare

This book defines management mistakes and offers a variety of models to classify and interpret them. It describes the evolution of management mistakes, techniques for identifying and disclosing mistakes, the relationship between management and medical mistakes, and steps to prevent and correct mistakes. Six case studies, drawn from a real set of events in healthcare organizations, describe management mistakes and are followed by commentaries by experts in the field of healthcare management. They indicate steps that might have produced more positive outcomes. Ultimately, managers will not be completely successful in making healthcare better and more cost-effective without viewing mistakes as learning opportunities. This book is written for healthcare managers throughout the world and for the benefit of their patients, staff and communities.

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Notes on the contributors; Foreword Richard J. Davidson; Preface; Acknowledgments; Part I. Addressing Management Mistakes in Healthcare: 1. Acknowledging and examining management mistakes Paul B. Hofmann; 2.The context of management mistakes John Abbott Worthley; 3. Identifying, classifying and disclosing mistakes Wanda J. Jones; 4. What medical errors can tell us about management mistakes Carol Bayley; 5. Correcting and preventing management mistakes John A. Russell and Benn Greenspan; 6. A question of accountability Emily Friedman; Part II. Case Studies of Mistakes in Healthcare Management: 7. Medical errors: Paradise Hills Medical Center Commentary Frankie Perry; 8. Nurse shortage: Metropolitan Community Hospital commentary Trudy Land; 9. Information technology setback: Heartland Healthcare System commentary Mark R. Neaman; 10. Inept strategic planning: Southwestern Regional Healthcare System commentary Robert S. Bonney; 11. Public relations fiasco, George C. Fremont Community Hospital commentary Ruth M. Rothstein; 12. Ineffectual governance: Pleasant Valley Regional Health System commentary Joyce A. Godwin; 13. Failed Hospital merger: Richland River Valley Healthcare System commentary Fred L. Brown; 14. UK review of selected cases Robert Nicholls and Andrew Wall; 15. Lessons learned: insights and admonitions Paul B. Hofmann and Frankie Perry; Suggested further reading; Index.

Hofmann, Paul B.
DOB July 6, 1941.

Perry, Frankie
DOB November 18, 1934


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