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Howard IT Release Management

A Hands-on Guide

1. Auflage 2011, 344 Seiten, Gebunden, Format (B × H): 167 mm x 245 mm, Gewicht: 658 g
ISBN: 978-1-4398-8352-5
Verlag: Taylor & Francis Inc

Howard IT Release Management

When implemented correctly, release management can help ensure that quality is integrated throughout the development, implementation, and delivery of services, applications, and infrastructure. This holistic, total cost of ownership approach allows for higher levels of system availability, is more cost effective to maintain, and increases overall stability, maintainability, and reliability.

Filled with practical insights, IT Release Management: A Hands-on Guide clearly illustrates the effective implementation of a release process in the real world. It examines the similarities and differences of release management and project management to clear up any confusion there might be about the two complementary processes. Shedding light on the day-to-day challenges that need to be overcome to ensure success, it details the how-to’s of effective implementation—including what to implement, how to do it, and when to do it.

This complete resource includes a detailed model for executing a release management process, as well as numerous templates, diagrams, and role and responsibility charts to help kick start implementation efforts in your organization. Addressing the all-important cultural aspects, it explains how to sell the benefits of release management to all levels of your organization, how to overcome objections, and how to determine organizational readiness. Emphasizing the need to measure performance, it explains how to develop effective performance metrics and supplies many helpful examples of effective productivity measures.

When it comes to implementation, what works in one organization doesn’t necessarily work in another. This accessible guide provides you with the tools to build on your practical knowledge and effectively implement a release management practice custom tailored to your organization.


Operations managets, IT managers, and project managers.

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What Is Release Management

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®)

Service Management

Financial Benefits

Release Management and Project Management

Organizational Readiness

Practical Application

Baseline and Metrics

Basic Concepts

Objective and Mission

Release Policy and Procedures

Release Procedures

Roles and Responsibilities

Release Lifecycle

Definitive Media Library

Measures and Metrics

Release Management Activities

Developmental Relationships

Operational Considerations/Total Cost of Ownership

Release Management and Project Management: Kissing Cousins


Similarities and Complementary Likeness

Release Plan and Project Plan

Tying It Together

Software/System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) vs. the Release Lifecycle (RLC)

Alignment Pyramid

Release Management Is Not Just for Software Development

Holistic Approach

Release Management and the Infrastructure

New Environment Request Process

The Release Lifecycle


Implementation Considerations

The Release Lifecycle

Initiation Phase

Release Configuration and Build Phase

New Environment Request (NER) Phase

Quality Assurance Phase

Operational Readiness Phase

Implementation Phase

Post-Implementation Phase

Using the RLC

Release Measures and Metrics

Setting the Baseline

Value of Measurement

Components of Metrics

Measurement and Metrics

Selling Release Management

Organizational Readiness

Executive Buy-In

Return on Investment

Release Management and the Business

Appendix A: Release Policy

Appendix B: RACI Matrix

Appendix C: Release Deliverables Checklist

Appendix D: Master Test Plan

Appendix E: New Environment Request Form (NERF)

Appendix F: Infrastructure Design Document (IDD)

Appendix G: Security Risk Assessment

Appendix H: Functional Specifications

Appendix I: Operational Readiness Testing Manual (ORT)

Appendix J: Support and Escalation Turnover Document

Appendix K: Master Training Plan

Appendix L: Service Level Agreement

Appendix M: IT Service Continuity and Recovery Plan

Appendix N: Post-Implementation Review


Each chapter concludes with a "Concept Review"

Howard, Dave (National Business Technology Manager, Toyota Financial Services, California, USA)
Dave Howard is the national business technology manager for Toyota Financial Services.

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