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Hutton / Moran The Palgrave Handbook of Prison and the Family

1. Auflage 2019, 525 Seiten, Gebunden, HC runder Rücken kaschiert, Format (B × H): 164 mm x 234 mm, Gewicht: 998 g Reihe: Palgrave Studies in Prisons and Penology
ISBN: 978-3-030-12743-5
Verlag: Springer, Berlin

Hutton / Moran The Palgrave Handbook of Prison and the Family

This handbook brings together the international research focussing on prisoners’ families and the impact of imprisonment on them. Under-researched and under-theorised in the realm of scholarship on imprisonment, this handbook encompasses a broad range of original, interdisciplinary and cross-national research. This volume includes the experiences of those from countries often unrepresented in the prisoner’s families’ literature such as Russia, Australia, Israel and Canada. This broad coverage allows readers to consider how prisoners’ families are affected by imprisonment in countries embracing very different penal philosophies; ranging from the hyper-incarceration being experienced in the USA to the less punitive, more welfare-orientated practices under Scandinavian ‘exceptionalism’.

Chapters are contributed by scholars from numerous and diverse disciplines ranging from law, nursing, criminology, psychology, human geography, and education studies. Furthermore, contributions span various methodological and epistemological approaches with important contributions from NGOs working in this area at a national and supranational level. The Palgrave Handbook of Prison and the Family makes a significant contribution to knowledge about who prisoners’ families are and what this status means in practice. It also recognises the autonomy and value of prisoners’ families as a research subject in their own right.



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1.      IntroductionMarie A. Hutton and Dominique MoranSection OneContemporary Issues: Understanding Prisoners' Families2.      Prisoners' Families Research :  Developments,  Debates  and Directions Caroline Lanskey, Lucy Markson, Karen Souza and Friedrich Lösel3.      Inmate  Social  Ties,  Recidivism,  and  Continuing  Questions  About  Prison  Visitation Joshua C. Cochran4.      Developments and  Next  Steps  in  Theorizing  the  Secondary  Prisonization of Families Megan Comfort5.      Who  are  Prisoners'  Family  Members?:  Towards an  Holistic  and  Intersectional  FrameworkJohnna Christian6.      A  holistic  approach  to  prisoners'  families  -  from  arrest  to  release Rachel Condry and Peter Scharff Smith7.      Opportunities and challenges for work on behalf of families affected by imprisonment; the experience of Families OutsideNancy LoucksSection TwoDifferent perspectives: Widening the lens8.      Experiences of Male Partners of Women Prisoners in IsraelTomer Einat9.      The Traumatic Bereavement of Children Experiencing the Loss of a Loved One to Death RowSandra Joy, Elizabeth Beck and Ashley Hurley10.  Relatives of Registered Sex Offenders: Considering the Costs of Providing Family Support David Patrick Connor11.  Partners of  Incarcerated  Men: Questioning Caring StereotypesKaren Souza, Caroline Lanskey, Lucy Markson and Friedrich LöselSection ThreeEngaging with the prison12.  A Comparison of the position of Grandmother Carers for children with parents in prison in the United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago, Romania and Uganda Ben Raikes, Romeo Asiminei, Alexandra Cuza, Karene Nathaniel-Decaires, Eric Ochen, George Pascaru and Gloria Seruwagi13.  Families' experiences in a prison visitors' centre Rebecca Foster14.  Prison Visitation as Accessible Engagement: Encounters, Bystanders, Performance and InattentionDominique Moran and Tom Disney15.  Acorn House Revisited: 'Think Family, Up and Down and Side to Side'Ben Raikes and Kelly LockwoodSection FourRecognising the rights of Prisoners' Families16.  The Rights of Children with an Imprisoned Parent in the Republic of IrelandAisling Parkes and Fiona Donson17.  Hearing Children's Voices in Studies of Familial Incarceration: Experiences from a Canadian StudyElse Marie Knudsen18.  The Rights of Children of Imprisoned Parents Helen Codd19.  A Labour of Love: The Experiences of Parents of Prisoners and their role as Human Rights Protectors Marie A. HuttonSection FiveBeyond Imprisonment20.  Reflecting on the Value(s) of Family Interventions for People subject to Punishment in the CommunityBecky Clarke, Rachel Kinsella and Craig Fletcher21.  Mothering under Community Criminal Justice Supervision in the United StatesD.R. Gina Sissoko and Lorie Goshin22.  Intergeneration Transmission of Criminal BehaviourSytske Besemer and Laura Bui23.  Intergenerational Social Exclusion in prisoners' families Kirsten Besemer and Susan Dennison24.  School Experiences of Children of Prisoners: Strengthening Support in Schools in England and Wales Julia Morgan and Caroline Leeson

Hutton, Marie
Marie Hutton is lecturer in law at the University of Sussex, UK. Driven by her own experiences of familial imprisonment, Marie's research focusses on the lived experience of family contact in prisons and human rights from a socio-legal perspective.
Dominique Moran is Reader in Carceral Geography at the University of Birmingham. Her work is transdisciplinary, informed by and extending theoretical developments in geography, criminology and prison sociology, but also interfacing with contemporary debates over hyper-incarceration, recidivism and the advance of the punitive state. She has completed an interdisciplinary ESRC research project looking into women's experience of imprisonment in contemporary Ru`ssia.


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