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Levine / Allen Manual of Oculoplastic Surgery

5th Auflage 2018, 541 Seiten, Kartoniert, Book w. online files / update, Format (B × H): 212 mm x 283 mm, Gewicht: 13538 g
ISBN: 978-3-319-74511-4
Verlag: Springer, Berlin

Levine / Allen Manual of Oculoplastic Surgery

For the last two decades, this best-selling, step-by-step guide to oculoplastic surgery has been highly respected and widely used by ophthalmologists, oculofacial plastic fellows, residents, ENT-facial plastic surgeons, and general plastic surgeons. The revised and updated fifth edition of Manual of Oculoplastic Surgery is designed to guide the physician in exploring and completing a variety of ocular plastic procedures in a comprehensive and logical step-by-step sequence. It features new authors.

Sections include: Trauma, Lacrimal Surgery, Cosmetic, Congenital Ptosis, Acquired Ptosis, Eyelid Malposition, Facial Nerve Dysfunction, Eyelid Flaps, Orbital Surgery, and Therapeutic Considerations. Each procedure in this must-have resource includes a review of the surgical anatomy, step-by-step instructions, plus the book is complete with more than one hundred color illustrations and dozens of surgical videos for further education.



Weitere Infos & Material

Section I: Introduction
Chapter 1 Applied Surgical Anatomy of the Ocular Adnexa  Cat Nguyen Burkat and Courtney Kauh
Chapter 2 Applied Anesthesia Thomas J. Joly 

Section II: Trauma
Chapter 3 Basic Wound Repair: Surgical Techniques, Flaps, and Grafts Jackson Lever, Frank A. Nesi, and Mark R. Levine
Chapter 4 Eyelid Laceration and Lid Defects  Evan Black, Francesca Nesi-Eloff, and Frank A. Nesi 
Chapter 5 Management of Canalicular Trauma Leslie Neems and Eric M. Hink 
Chapter 6 Orbital Floor and Medial Wall Fractures  William R. Nunery, H. B. Harold Lee, Christopher Compton, and Roxana Fu 

Section III: Lacrimal Surgery
Chapter 7 Canaliculostomy Edward J. Wladis
Chapter 8 Pediatric Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction Rona Z. Silkiss
Chapter 9 Dacryocystorhinostomy Mark R. Levine, C. Blake Perry, Eric A. Steele, and Yoon-Duck Kim   Chapter 10 Endoscopic Lacrimal Surgery  François Codère

Section IV: Cosmetic
Chapter 11 Brow Lift  Norman Shorr, Catherine Hwang, and Jonathan Hoenig 
Chapter 12 Blepharoplasty  John B. Holds 
Chapter 13 Cheek-Midface Lift Allen M. Putterman
Chapter 14 Asian Blepharoplasty: The Essential Steps  William P. Chen
Chapter 15 Periocular Rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers José Raúl Montes
Chapter 16 Cosmetic Uses of Botulinum Toxin Jill A. Foster, Allan E. Wulc, Dan Straka, Kenneth V.  Cahill, Craig Czyz, and Jeremy Tan 

Section V: Congenital Ptosis
Chapter 17 Anterior Approach to Correction of Levator Maldevelopment Ptosis with a New Emphasis on Supra-Maximal Levator Resection for Poor Function Ptosis Francesco P. Bernardini 
Chapter 18 Frontalis Sling  Ying Chen, Adam C. Weber, Douglas P. Marx, Richard C. Allen, and Mark R. Levine

Section VI: Acquired Ptosis
Chapter 19 Levator Aponeurosis Dehiscence - External Levator Advancement Evan Kalin-Hajdu, Kristin E. Hirabayashi, and Robert C. Kersten
Chapter 20 Müller's Muscle-Conjunctiva Resection Allen M. Putterman
Chapter 21 Tarsal-Conjunctival-Müller's Muscle Resection (Fasanella-Servat  Operation) Javier Servat 

Section VII: Eyelid Malposition
Chapter 22 Thyroid Eyelid Retraction David R. Jordan and Richard L. Anderson
Chapter 23 Involutional Lower Eyelid Entropion  James Karesh 
Chapter 24 Cicatricial Entropion  Ralph E. Wesley and Kimberly A. Klippenstein 
Chapter 25 Eyelid Retraction  John D. Ng and Laura A. Gadzala Chapter 26 Involutional Ectropion Repair  David T. Tse 
Chapter 27 Cicatricial Ectropion  Michael J. Hawes
Chapter 28 Trichiasis and Distichiasis  Mark R. Levine, Thomas C. Naugle Jr, and Constance L. Fry 
Chapter 29 Tarsorrhaphy and Eyelid Traction Sutures  Steven Fagien
Chapter 30 Floppy Eyelid Syndrome Repair Thomas Bersani, Robert Hill, and Bryant Carruth 

Section VIII: Facial Nerve Dysfunction
Chapter 31 Facial Nerve Palsy  Aaron Fay and Garrett Griffin
Chapter 32 Hemifacial Spasm  Essam A. El Toukhy and Bryan R. Costin
Chapter 33 Blepharospasm  Bryan R. Costin, Mark R. Levine, and Essam A. El Toukhy 

Section IX: Eyelid Flaps
Chapter 34 Periocular Flaps  Louise A. Mawn and Eugene O. Wiggs 
Chapter 35 Primary Repair of a Lid Defect with or Without Cantholysis David G. Buerger, Daniel E. Buerger, and George F. Buerger Jr 
Chapter 36 Repair of Lid Defects Using a Semicircular Flap  David G. Buerger, Daniel E. Buerger, and George F. Buerger Jr
Chapter 37 Tarsal-Conjunctival Advancement Flap in Lower Eyelid Reconstruction  Viraj J. Mehta and Rachel K. Sobel 
Chapter 38 Tarsal-Conjunctival Graft or Flap and Skin-Muscle Transposition Flap in Lower Eyelid Reconstruction  Behin Barahimi
Chapter 39 Repair of Eyelid Defects with the Orbicularis Oculi Mobilization Technique: Naugle-Levine Procedure  Constance L. Fry, Thomas C. Naugle Jr, and Mark R. Levine  Chapter 40 Reconstruction of Medial Canthal Defects  Bryan R. Costin and Christine Poblete-Lopez
Chapter 41 Composite Advancement Flap (Cutler-Beard Procedure)  Richard D. Lisman and Christopher I. Zoumalan 
Chapter 42 Free Tarsoconjunctival Grafts and Composite Grafts  Gil A. Epstein
Chapter 43 Advancing Tarsoconjunctival Flaps from the Same Lid  Milton Boniuk

Section X: Orbital Surgery
Chapter 44 Enucleation  Charles B. Slonim, Jay Justin Older, and William P. Mack Chapter 45 Evisceration  Mark R. Levine and John W. Shore
Chapter 46 Exenteration  Usiwoma Abugo and Kimberly Cockerham
Chapter 47 Caruncular Approach to the Medial Orbit  Robert A. Goldberg 
Chapter 48 Anterior Orbitotomy  Dale R. Meyer and Ron Pelton
Chapter 49 Lateral Orbitotomy  Jill S. Melicher and Jeffrey A. Nerad 
Chapter 50 Orbital Decompression: Graded Surgical Approach  Kyle J. Godfrey, Christine C. Annunziata, Bobby S. Korn, and Don O. Kikkawa 
Chapter 51 Orbital Decompression: Transnasal and Transethmoid Endoscopic Approaches Howard L. Levine 
Chapter 52 Socket Reconstruction  Jennifer A. Sivak-Callcott, Jean-Paul J. Abboud, and Aaron Mason

Section XI: Miscellaneous
Chapter 53 Temporal Artery Biopsy  Robert L. Tomsak 

Section XII: Therapeutic Considerations 
Chapter 54 Medical and Surgical Options in Thyroid Eye Disease  Peter J. Dolman 
Chapter 55 The Role of Antibiotics in Oculoplastic Surgery  Jean-Paul J. Abboud, Natalie Homer, and Aaron Fay
Chapter 56 Lymphomas of the Ocular Adnexae Wajiha Kheir, Sudip Thakar, and Bita Esmaeli  Chapter 57 Dysfunctional Tear Film in Oculoplastic Surgery: Beware or Be Sorry  Mark R. Levine 
Chapter 58 Trachoma: Medical and Surgical Management Essam A. El Toukhy 

Levine, Mark R.
Mark R. Levine, MD, FACS Emeritus Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Former Head of the Oculoplastic Section Department of Ophthalmology University Hospitals of Cleveland Former Chief of Ophthalmology The Mt. Sinai Medical Center Staff Physician Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio Past President of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Wendell Hughes Lecturer Emeritus Member of the Orbital Society
Richard C. Allen, MD, PhD is professor in the Department of Head and Neck Surgery, Division of Surgery, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Allen is a member of ASOPRS, the American Eye Study Club, and the Orbital Society, is Section Editor of Oculoplastics and Orbit for Current Opinion in Ophthalmology, and is a member of committees in ASOPRS, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and the International Council of Ophthalmology.


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