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Marmel Teach Yourself VISUALLY PCs

1. Auflage 2010, 352 Seiten, Kartoniert, Format (B × H): 189 mm x 233 mm, Gewicht: 830 g Reihe: Teach Yourself VISUALLY (Tech)
ISBN: 978-0-470-88846-9
Verlag: Wiley & Sons

Marmel Teach Yourself VISUALLY PCs

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Chapter 1: Getting Familiar with Computer Basics.

Discover the Computer.

What You Can Do with a Computer.

Types of Computers.

Tour the Personal Computer.

Learn About Computer Hardware and Software.

Chapter 2: Discovering How Your Computer Works.

Get to Know Data Input Devices.

Get Acquainted with Data Output Devices.

Learn About the Operating System.

Tour the Central Processing Unit.

Understanding Memory.

Learn About Data Storage.

Chapter 3 Purchasing a Computer.

Choose a Computer Type.

Select a CPU.

Choose an Edition of Windows.

Determine How Much RAM You Need.

Select Data Storage Options.

Choose a Monitor and Video Card.

Choose a Printer.

Add Other Hardware and Software.

Tips on Purchase Considerations.

Chapter 4 Getting Started with Your Computer.

Set Up Your Work Area.

Connect the Computer Components.

Turn On the Computer for the First Time.

Use a Keyboard.

Use a Mouse.

Explore Mouse Types.

Use an Optical Drive.

Use a USB Storage Device.

Restart the Computer.

Turn Off the Computer.

Chapter 5 Learning Windows 7 Basics.

Explore the Windows 7 Screen.

Understanding the Start Menu.

Start a Program.

Tour a Program Window.

Select a Command Using the Ribbon.

Select a Command Using a Menu or Toolbar.

Understanding Dialog Box Options.

Use Dialog Box Controls.

Save a Document.

Open a Document.

Use Jump Lists.

Switch Between Open Programs.

Print a Document.

Edit Document Text.

Chapter 6 Personalizing Windows 7.

Start Frequently Used Programs.

Display Windows Gadgets.

Show More Date and Time Information on the Taskbar.

Display Additional Time Zones on the Taskbar.

Customize the Start Menu.

Customize the Taskbar.

Set the Size for Text and Other Items.

Select a Desktop Theme and Screen Saver.

Set Up a Desktop Slide Show.

Change the Color Scheme.

Create a New User Account.

Switch User Accounts.

Change an Account Picture.

Chapter 7 Managing Files and Folders.

Understanding How Windows Organizes Data.

Become Familiar with the Windows Explorer Screen.

View Files.

Select Files.

Create a New Folder.

Change the Windows Explorer Layout.

Rename a File.

Copy a File.

Move a File.

Create a Data CD or DVD Disc.

Delete a File.

Restore a Deleted File.

Empty the Recycle Bin.

Change Folder Settings.

Search for a File.

Work with Compressed Files or Folders.

Chapter 8 Securing Windows 7.

Secure Your Computer.

Change the Logon Password.

Establish Parental Controls.

Check the Action Center.

Prevent Others from Using Your Computer.

Chapter 9 Working with Software.

Install a Program.

Uninstall a Program.

Create Documents with a Word Processor.

Crunch Numbers with a Spreadsheet.

Build Presentations with a Presentation Program.

Store Information with a Database.

Manipulate Pictures with an Image Editor.

Create Publications with a Desktop-Publishing Program.

Chapter 10 Networking Computers.

Understanding Networking.

Survey Networking Hardware.

Discover Network Configurations.

Examine Network Security.

Learn About Network Collaboration.

Join a Homegroup.

Chapter 11 Wireless Computing.

Discover Wireless Computing.

Wireless Computing Devices.

Connect to a Wireless Network.

Wireless Network Security.

Stream Media Throughout Your Home.

Chapter 12 Using Multimedia.

How Digital Cameras Work.

How Webcams Work.

How Digital Audio Players Work.

Understanding Digital Images.

Understanding Digital Video.

Understanding Digital Audio.

Copy Music CD Tracks to Your Computer.

Play Music Using Your Computer.

Create a Music CD.

Create a Slide Show DVD.

Television and Your Computer.

Watch TV Using Windows Media Center.

Transfer VHS Tapes to DVDs.

Discover Gaming.

Windows 7 Games.

Chapter 13 Working with Portable Comput

Marmel, Elaine
Elaine Marmel is President of Marmel Enterprises, LLC, anorganization which specializes in technical writing and softwaretraining. Elaine spends most of her time writing; she has authoredand co-authored over 50 books about Microsoft Project, MicrosoftExcel, Microsoft Word for Windows, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Quickenfor Windows, Quicken for DOS, Microsoft Word for the Mac, MicrosoftWindows, 1-2-3 for Windows, and Lotus Notes.
From 1994 to 2006, she also was the contributing editor to monthlypublications Inside Timeslips, Inside Peachtree, and Inside QuickBooks .
Elaine left her native Chicago for the warmer climes of Arizona (byway of Cincinnati, OH; Jerusalem, Israel; Ithaca, NY; Washington,DC, and Tampa, FL) where she basks in the sun with her PC, hercross-stitch projects, her dog, Josh, and her cats, Watson andBuddy. For many years, she sang barbershop harmony with twoInternational Championship choruses.

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